J.K. Trotter · 12/19/14 04:54PM

Rumor! According to the New York Times, vengeful Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke is in talks with Politico to “write about Washington as a political columnist.” Know anything about Finke’s new gig? Drop us a line.

UPDATE: Nikki Finke Just Doxxed Herself (and Tried to Undo It)

John Cook · 06/03/13 11:47AM

Reclusive Hollywood rage-blogger Nikki Finke may or may not have been fired from her perch as editor of Deadline Hollywood. Her nemesis Sharon Waxman, over at the Wrap, says Finke has been canned by founder Jay Penske after he became fed up with her bullying ways. Finke and Penske have both denied the story in general terms, though neither has stated unequivocally that Finke will remain in her current job. This morning, in an effort to rebut Waxman's story, Finke offered a rare glimpse inside her peculiar brand of journalistic thuggery.

Taylor Berman · 06/02/13 09:15PM

The Wrap is reporting that Nikki Finke has been fired from Deadline Hollywood for, among other things, sending emails saying “I'm going to f—- you.” UPDATE: An editor at Deadline published the company's official response, which calls The Wrap's report "libelous, false, and defamatory."

Nikki Finke Is Threatening to Go After Children Now (Allegedly!)

John Cook · 07/19/12 03:50PM

Hollywood bully-blogger Nikki Finke has apparently escalated her bonkers feud with Bret Easton Ellis and his agency ICM to previously unheard-of levels of Nikki-tude: According to the Hollywood Reporter, ICM has hired attorneys to get Finke to stop "harassing" the agency's employees. Among the charges: "Finke told top ICM employees she would reveal their home addresses and where their children go to school."

American Psycho v. American Psycho: Bret Easton Ellis Continues Feud Against Nikki Finke

John Cook · 07/18/12 03:22PM

Bret Easton Ellis, who drew rage-blogger Nikki Finke's wrath after I alerted her to a Twitter post he wrote outing her as a resident of his West Hollywood apartment building—which post in turn led me to find a unit in his building that had been recently purchased by Finke's employer, Penske Media—is continuing his hilarious pushback against the Hollywood fearmonger. Today, he told the Hollywood Reporter that her behavior is "harassing and unacceptable" and lambasted the "Hollywood morons who think they have to live in Nikki Finke's French Royal Court and be completely secretive." He also accused her, again on Twitter, of sending "hectoring, threatening, vaguely litigious e-mails" to her building's management.

Is Nikki Finke Losing It?

John Cook · 05/03/11 12:23PM

Elusive Hollywood rage-blogger Nikki Finke has a well-earned reputation for skirting the bounds of rationality and surrendering to fits of apoplexy. It's part of her charm! But a couple recent episodes, including a pompous, unhinged email to a flack for the Motion Picture Association of America that she cc'd to half of Hollywood over the weekend, suggest that things may be trending south for her.

Sandra Bullock Would Like Another Oscar Please

Richard Lawson · 08/23/10 01:56PM

So soon! They get greedy so easily, don't they. Also today: Conan's TBS move isn't exactly paradise for his writers, friction on the set of the Nikki Finke show sounds about right, and lots of casting news.