Rob the Bouncer Just Made Stuff Up About Preparation H Reporting

Sheila · 06/04/08 02:41PM

Maybe this is the reason why the Club Life author is called Rob the Bouncer instead of Rob the Pulitzer-Winning Reporter. While he admits today on his blog that the Preparation H phenomenon—male clubgoers rubbing the hemorrhoid cream all over their chests to look more "ripped"—is true, he also admits to faking the reporting on an entire story that we excerpted a while back. "Now, what you need to understand about this post is that it's completely fabricated," said the man who discussed the nightlife trend on Mike & Juliet yesterday. Um, why?

Preparation H: "It Gets You Shredded"

Sheila · 06/03/08 12:50PM

We told you before how to make your pecs look ripped before getting all up in the club: rub yourself down with Preparation H! (It's the gayest thing we've seen straight men doing in a long time.) Today, a dermatologist and Rob the Bouncer discuss with Mike & Juliet this disturbing trend—and the potential side effects of the hemorrhoid cream's off-label use.