OMG WTF RNC: A Decadent Evening at BuzzFeed's Rooftop Convention Party

Andy Cush · 07/20/16 01:00PM

The Azure Rooftop Lounge sits atop a twelve-story luxury hotel, and because this is Cleveland, not Manhattan, those twelve stories get you a practically unadulterated view of the city and surrounding areas. Long after the open bar had closed at BuzzFeed’s “Red White and Blacklisted” RNC party last night, a fellow journalist pointed out a column of flame poking into the sky, far out toward the horizon. I’m not sure where it was coming from—an oil refinery, probably—but it felt like an appropriately cheap symbol for the night.

Ray Price Is Not Dead Yet

John Cook · 12/16/13 11:54AM

Ray Price, one of the great voices and storytellers of the Golden Age of country music, almost died over the weekend. His son, Clifton Ray Price, certainly believed that his father—who is 87 years old and is most certainly, and inevitably, dying of cancer—had passed away on Saturday. But after Price's wife angrily contradicted that report yesterday, the younger Price wrote on his dad's Facebook page that he had "been deceived by some cruel people" and that his dad was indeed "still hanging on." He's going to die, though. Soon. So listen to "Night Life," written by Price's old bass player Willie Nelson. It's the title track from the greatest concept record ever made, a louche, slightly slurred, lipstick-on-your-collar tour through the drunken disintegration of the middle-class American family.

Prince Harry Hammer Dances on a Banquette, Falls Off

Maureen O'Connor · 09/01/11 12:55PM

Your crush on Prince Harry is about to end. At a nightclub in Croatia, he was videotaped climbing onto a banquette and performing a catastrophic sideways shuffle dance, culminating in a loss of balance and a dive into the swimming pool behind him. Then he gets up, pulls the ol' "I totally meant to do that," dances his way to shore and climbs out, saggy denim butt dripping all the way. Apparently if he were not a prince of England, Harry would be an overgrown frat boy in the Meatpacking district. Good to know.

Six Things That Should Be Banned From Bars Forever

Brian Moylan · 06/28/11 04:52PM

Bars exist for people to hang out with their friends, watch the game, unwind, and maybe play a game of pool or pick up a bit of strange for the evening. What bars are not for are all your silly games that are not only annoying, but dangerous. People are getting sued!

There Is Nothing Sleazier Than 'Bikini Brunch'

Brian Moylan · 06/08/11 03:51PM

Midtown nightlife hellhole Lavo has become known for their celebrity bottle service and hard-partying weekend brunches. Now it's taking the tackiness to a whole new level: "Bikini Brunch". Yes, female patrons will be encouraged to wear the skimpiest item in their wardrobe while eating their omelets.

Tenjune Owner in Sticky Legal Tug of War

Jeff Neumann · 05/12/11 05:23AM

Meatpacking District hellhole Tenjune, besides serving as a microcosm of all that's wrong with humanity, is also owned by a dude who possibly likes to jerk off in front of his employees — according to a lawsuit filed by four employees, that is. Mark Birnbaum, the club's co-owner, is facing allegations that he "[M]ade unwelcome sexual advances, requested sexual favors, and engaged in inappropriate and illegal verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature with plaintiffs, all of whom are young female employees at the lounges." Classy.

New York's Most Fabulous Gay Party Closes Next Week

Brian Moylan · 05/05/11 12:11PM

If you were a young, attractive, in-the-know Manhattan homosexual in the past 15 years, you've probably—no, definitely—been to Beige, the popular, swanky Tuesday night Gay-list party. Hate to break it to you, boys, but it's closing.

Hot New Trend: Not Paying Your Restaurant Bill

Maureen O'Connor · 01/12/11 12:28PM

Check out the hot new trend sweeping posh Manhattan restaurants: Eating your meal, then running away before you pay the check! "Theft of service" was up 20 percent last year, and the people doing it weren't just poor jerks.

7 Things You Should Never Do in a Club

Brian Moylan · 11/08/10 04:10PM

Going to nightclubs would be a lot more enjoyable if people knew how to behave properly. Follow these seven simple yet important rules and you'll make life easier for everyone.

Page Six Gets NYC Nightlife Wrong

Jeff Neumann · 10/31/10 11:56AM

The post-Richard Johnson era Page Six today has an item about Chinatown's Santos Party House being shut down over the "criminal sale or possession of controlled substances" inside the club. Too bad they ran a picture of the wrong guys!