Stephen Colbert Downplays Controversy Over Rick Perry's Racist Hunting Camp

Matt Cherette · 10/04/11 01:21AM

Rick Perry is taking heat following the revelation that for decades his family has visited a West Texas hunting camp named "Niggerhead." While Jon Stewart covered the controversy with a geography lesson on Monday's Daily Show, Stephen Colbert—still reeling from his defense of Perry's debate disaster last week—was decidedly more aggressive on the Report, declaring the kerfuffle "much ado about nothing" in a segment with enough racially insensitive rhetoric to fill an episode of Fox & Friends.

Perry Pal Totally 'Not Offended' By N-Word Camp Name

Lauri Apple · 10/03/11 04:06AM

News that Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry used to hang out and hunt at some west Texas hunting camp called "Niggerhead" hasn't made him too many new friends among the American public. Oh well! At least he's still got his old friends to support and help him. Or hurt him. Helpfully hurt him.

Rick Perry's Old Hunting Grounds: 'Niggerhead'

Max Read · 10/02/11 08:45AM

Would it surprise you to learn that Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry used to bring friends and colleagues around to a west Texas hunting camp called "Niggerhead"? No? Yeah, it didn't surprise us much, either.