Nigella Lawson's Husband Now Admits He Assaulted Her

Caity Weaver · 06/18/13 11:41AM

The millionaire husband of British chef Nigella Lawson has admitted to police he assaulted his wife during an argument at a restaurant last week, after initially dismissing the incident as "a playful tiff." Over the weekend, photographs surfaced of Charles Saatchi, 70, grabbing his wife's throat with one hand a total of four times and also pinching her nose. Lawson left the restaurant in tears. A hilarious brunch!

Is a Rihanna Sex Tape Coming Soon?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/25/11 11:20AM

Is a Rihanna-J. Cole sex tape about to come out? Does Lindsay Lohan really think she is "just like Marilyn" Monroe? Christina Aguilera freaks over a child abuse rumor. Lady Gaga starts a fashion line with her sister. Thursday gossip has lecherous intents.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/06/10 06:56AM

Julie Chen, co-anchor of the CBS Early Show and the wife of CBS honcho Les Moonves turns 40 today. Henry Kravis, the billionaire financier and co-founder of the private equity giant KKR, is turning 66. Film director John Singleton is 42. British food writer/TV personality Nigella Lawson is 50. Novelist E.L. Doctorow turns 79. Trudie Styler, Sting's wife, is turning 56. Former volleyball great Gabrielle Reece is 40. Rowan Atkinson (aka "Mr. Bean") turns 55. Actress Joey Lauren Adams turns 42. George Ross, Donald Trump's sidekick on The Apprentice, is 82. And reality star Tiffany Pollard, best known as "New York" to regular VH1 viewers, is turning 28 today.

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 12

MisterHippity · 11/18/09 09:00PM

Well, another Wednesday night has rolled around, and I can't wait to get started on tonight's live blog. In fact, the anticipation is making me quiver like the thigh of a 17th century courtesan. How about you?

Live Blogging Top Chef, Week 11

MisterHippity · 11/11/09 09:00PM

Happy Veterans Day! Thank a veteran today? No? Do it now! Call any veterans you know and say thank you, OK? There's time before the live blog starts. And, no, veterans of Restaurant Wars do not count.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/06/09 07:40AM

Legendary financier Henry Kravis turns 65 today. This means he can now begin collecting full social security benefits, which he may very well need at the rate he's going. Also celebrating: Julie Chen, the Early Show co-anchor and wife of CBS chief Les Moonves, is 39. Director John Singleton is turning 41. British food critic/TV host Nigella Lawson is 49. Novelist E.L. Doctorow is 78. Trudie Styler, the wife of Sting, is 55. Actress Joey Lauren Adams is turning 41. And volleyball star-turned-model Gabrielle Reece is 39.

Joe Dolce Is Not About Being Perfect

Emily Gould · 03/22/07 11:20AM

The Nigella Lawson episode of the Food Network's Chefography series was a joy from start to finish. Did you know that Saatchi-wife Nigella basically only pals around with hilarious homos? Here, soon to be ex-Star editor in chief Joe Dolce (identified only as 'Nigella's friend') talks about the long words that Nigella has taught people, and gets in a dig at Martha Stewart.