Marc Jacobs Might Get His Chance to Ruin Dior

Brian Moylan · 08/22/11 01:23PM

Ever since John Galliano flamed out and was fired as head designer for Dior after an anti-Semitic rant, the historic French fashion house has been without a creative director. Apparently very American (and ironically very Jewish) designer Marc Jacobs might fill the position.

Vogue Documentary Looks Back At a Happier Time

cityfile · 01/15/09 08:44AM

The documentary about Anna Wintour and Vogue, The September issue, which is showing at Sundance this weekend, sounds like it will be a nostalgic look at a golden era when advertisers had huge budgets, readers had disposable income, and print media still had a reasonably healthy pulse: Based on footage gathered during the months before the publication of the September '07 issue, Vogue's biggest-ever, the film goes behind the scenes at the fashion bible and exposes the creatives processes of its inner circle like Grace Coddington (who filmmaker R.J. Cutler said was "unhappy" about the presence of his cameras), as well as delves into Wintour's personal life.

Pierre Rougier

Gawker · 02/04/03 11:11AM

The NYT profiles Pierre Rougier, who is temporarily one of the most powerful men at Fashion Week. Mr. Rougier, a publicist whose clients include Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere and Proenza Schouler, determines who gets into several of the more exclusive limited seating events and consequently, who's in and who's over. One of the hottest tickets this year is Proenza Schouler's February 12 show at the National Arts Club, which is limited to 120 guests. (Side note: the article also mentions that Marc Jacobs is doing an ad campaign with Winona Ryder after noticing that she looked so cute in one of his little black-and-white dresses on Court TV.)
Insider's insider, for the best seats [NYT]