The Preposterous Plagiarism Assault on Romenesko

Hamilton Nolan · 11/10/11 02:57PM

In your ungrateful Thursday media column: we must all come together to defend Jim Romenesko, farewells at the NYDN, an election news vet dies, and Nickelodeon suffers.

Rebecca Black Phenomenon to Somehow Get More Annoying

Richard Lawson · 04/14/11 05:10PM

You hoped it was over, but Rebecca Black's moment will go on. Also today: Lincoln finds his wife, Nickelodeon shows both old and new receive some good news, a new ABC show receives some bad news, and Ellen Page is headed to be neurotic in Rome.

Family Buys Nickelodeon DVD, Gets Porn Instead

Jeff Neumann · 02/08/11 06:29AM

Last Friday a mother in Queens bought her kids a DVD at Toys "R" Us, Nickelodeon All-Star Sports Day featuring Dora the Explorer and her pal, Diego. The next day, Candice Connor sat down to watch it with her two sons, Nigel and Logan, but instead of watching Diego and Dora work on their swings and shoot hoops, Nigel, 11, told the Daily News:

Doug: The Adventures of Quailman

Anderson Evans · 01/16/10 10:30AM

As the first of Nickelodeon's 'Nicktoon' releases, Jim Jinkins' Doug was a success running from 1991 to 1999. Quailman, the title character's super-powered alter-ego, garners super-powers by wearing underwear outside of his pants.

Comedy Central: America's No. 1 Cable News Network

cityfile · 03/25/09 11:40AM

• A new poll finds that one-third of Americans under 40 think The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are replacing "traditional" news outlets. [HP]
• Nickelodeon is asking kids to unplug their TVs and gadgets for a minute on Earth Day to signal "a commitment to helping the environment." Just a minute, though! Then they can go back to filling their heads with mindless junk. [AP]
• CNBC's Larry Kudlow will not be running for the Senate. Crushing! [NYT]
• Ratings for President Obama's telecast last night "showed some audience slippage compared with his two most recent live events." [THR]
• The Chicago Tribune and LA Times are combining their foreign reporters into one unit. Meanwhile, the AJC is cutting 30% of its staff. [E&P, AP]
• How is Twitter going to make money? Good question! [WSJ]
• William Morris is likely to seal a deal with Endeavor this week. [TDB]
• Verizon says it plans to launch its own local TV channel in NYC this summer. It will be just like NY1, minus the incomparable Pat Kiernan, of course. [WSJ]

Nickelodeon President Taking Christmas into Her Own Hands

Sheila · 12/09/08 04:48PM

Viacom, the parent company of MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon (among others), recently laid off 7% of their staff. That is 850 people, folks! But apparently, Nickelodeon president Cyma Zarghami doesn't think it's any reason to cancel Christmas, hosting a party for a chosen few— but Viacom's employee party was officially taken away this year due to lack of funds. This, of course, really pisses off the uninvited. Memo follows.

Nickelodeon getting into the mom- and kid-games market

Jordan Golson · 03/20/08 04:00PM

"What video is to TV, games are to the Web," says Steve Youngwood, executive vice president for digital media at Viacom's Nickelodeon channel. We're not sure about that, but "casual gaming" is definitely big business — Nickelodeon is spending $100 million on new gaming initiatives including 600 original games for its websites, branded with its various entertainment shows. The appeal is obvious: For a 9-year old girl, why watch Dora the Explorer when you can be Dora the Explorer?

Cool Games Brainwash Kids

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/08 11:48AM

"For some children, watching "Dora the Explorer" on television is becoming passé. Now, they want to be Dora." Mother. Fuckers. They want to be Dora because multinational corporations are pouring millions into online games that masquerade as harmless diversions while actually indoctrinating children into brand worship! Nickelodeon is spending $100 million to draw in the children of the world with shiny games. Entertainment, retailers, junk food, and other huge business sectors are all using these games to lure kids into influencing purchasing decisions—some games are even designed for kids "on the laps of their moms." It's truly one of the most insidious forms of... hey, "Reese's Puffs Cereal Snowboard Slalom?" Sweet. [NYT]