Nickelback Fans Are Furious at Nickelback for Finally Selling Out

Andy Cush · 03/06/15 04:29PM

Fans drinking vodka sodas instead of Monster tallboys. Matching suits and mirror-encrusted guitars. A funky man who addresses adult humans as "children," like he thinks he's Prince or something. Vocoders, syncopation, silly glasses. This is the deeply strange universe presented in Nickelback's new video, and fans are not happy about it.

This Seductive Nickelback Selfie Is the Douchiest Video Ever

Lacey Donohue · 01/03/14 04:49PM

Erik von Markovik, also known as Mystery, is "famous" in the seduction community for his skills in picking up women. These practitioners of seduction, often called pickup artists, pride themselves on their ability to bag women using such cool tricks as "peacocking" (dressing like an asshole) and "kino" (touching women without their permission). But now there's a new term to add to the pickup artist glossary: Nickelbacking.

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Is a Total Anomaly, a Mean Canadian

MTanzer · 11/04/12 01:32PM

Canadians are supposed to all be super nice. That's what people say when you don't want to go on vacation to Montreal, "but Canadians! They're so nice!" Local obsession and New York 1 Pat Kiernan is the perfect example of a nice Canadian guy. His Norse-like features make him simply lovable and he's funny, but not too funny.

Obama Loses Coveted Creed Frontman Endorsement

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/02/12 10:00AM

Remember Creed? The band that plays second fiddle to Nickelback in music acts people love to hate? Well, the group's lead singer Scott Stapp made a highly anticipated appearance on Fox & Friends this morning to reveal his choice for America's next president, and — surprise — it's not Obama.