Real Time Interview with Nick Swardson

Chris Dignes · 10/06/10 02:50PM

Nick Swardson's Pretend Time debuts next Tuesday, October 12th at 10PM on Comedy Central. Gawker.TV set aside some time yesterday afternoon to ask him about car beds, cats in wheelchairs, lady parts and homosexuality.

Nick Swardson's Wheelchair Cat: Trust Fund Kitty

Whitney Jefferson · 07/27/10 04:20PM

We'd suggest Wheelchair Cat to be the next big viral hit if it wasn't a sneak preview of comedian Nick Swardson's upcoming Comedy Central show. This skit debuted at Comic Con this past weekend, and we can't wait for more.

Nick Swardson on Best Party Text Ever

Emily A. Farris · 07/20/10 08:00PM

Nick Swardson claims that the best text you can get begins with, "Dude..." and then proceeds to tell a story of the best text he has ever gotten from a friend about a crazy night of shenanigans.

Nick Swardson on Growing Old

nightintern · 06/25/10 08:00PM

Nick explains just some of the reasons why he is looking forward to aging gracefully into his early nineties.

Nick Swardson on Babies

Zach Mack · 02/09/10 09:00PM

Most people know Nick Swardson as Terry from Reno 911 and from his role in Grandma's Boy, but his standup is not to be missed. Here, he discusses the similarities between newborns and your friends after a night of drinking.