Meet the Wankers Who Want to be Britain’s Prime Minister

Libby Watson · 05/06/15 10:40AM

Tomorrow, the citizenry of the United Kingdom will cast their votes in a general election. If you’re an American, you may have been too busy tenderly rubbing your genitals on a gun to have read much about this. Who’s fighting to lead this grey and unpleasant land onward into its inevitable irrelevancy? And how do we even do elections without an electoral college? Allow me, a Proper Brit, to get you up to speed.

UK Election: What the Hell Happened?

Max Read · 05/07/10 03:05AM

Well, Great Britain ("America 1.0") finally held its election last night, and it looks like they'll wind up with a hung Parliament, which means Thomas Jane will be made Prime Minister. Just kidding! But seriously, who won?

UK Debate Winner: 'We Need to Grip It Very Hard'

Max Read · 04/29/10 10:45PM

What did our cousins in Britain do last night while eating their nightly meal of fish and chips? They watched the final pre-election debate between the leaders of the three major parties, of course! And guess who won?

Is This Man Britain's Barack Obama?

Nick Rizzo · 04/21/10 05:27PM

Until last Thursday, most Britons had no idea what Nick Clegg, the leader of the UK's third-largest party, even looked like. Now, he's first or second in all national opinion polls. What's going on here?

Your Guide to England's Super-Exciting Election

Max Read · 04/15/10 12:23AM

Huzzah! America's Deadbeat Older Brother, the United Kingdom, is holding an election for Best Wizard! Or Prime Minister, or something. Who are the "Party Leaders" who might lead the UK? Is one of them Ringo? We know who Ringo is.