Nick Bilton Is the New Worst Columnist at the New York Times

Leah Finnegan · 08/06/14 02:28PM

New York Times writer Nick Bilton used to cover technology. He wrote about the "internal struggles" at Twitter. He wrote articles challenging the FAA so people could use their phones on planes. He wrote about the Apple iWatch. Important stuff. Sure. Why not. Last month, he became a columnist for the paper's Styles section. He has quickly distinguished himself, both among the paper's most-emailed columnists, and also as a worse columnist than even Frank Bruni.

Does the N.Y. Times’ Star Tech Reporter Understand Its Ethics Policy?

J.K. Trotter · 11/19/13 10:39AM

So here’s a question for the Paper of Record: Can a reporter ethically accept a gift from a company he covers if the reporter gives it to a family member, or a friend? We ask because superstar tech reporter Nick Bilton admitted to doing so—or at least attempting to—on last week’s episode of Leo Laporte’s "This Week in Tech" podcast. Here’s what Bilton said:

Using an iPhone on a Plane Won't Make it Crash, You Morons

MTanzer · 12/30/12 01:59PM

It's 2012 and The Federal Aviation Administration still doesn't allow electronic devices to be used during takeoff and landing. Of course, phones — the F.A.A.'s worst nightmare ever, aren't allowed to be used even when you're at the gate and your plane's not moving. Just ask Alec Baldwin about that. This is the dumbest rule ever.

Elaborate Hoax Credits New York Times' Bill Keller With Pro-WikiLeaks Op-Ed

Louis Peitzman · 07/29/12 10:14AM

The Bill Keller who wrote the op-ed "WikiLeaks, a Post Postscript" makes his position clear: regardless of your feelings about Julian Assange, WikiLeaks must be protected under the First Amendment — so, too, the New York Times reporters who published stories based on WikiLeaks information.

Nerds Bravely Fight for iPad Airplane Rights

Ryan Tate · 12/05/11 03:35PM

Occupy business class! Or at least fill out an angry comment card before politely relinquishing your seat, in business class! Or, failing that, fill out an online presidential petition, at a time mutually convenient to the airline and yourself! Because gadget nerds are done turning off their iPads, iPhones, Kindles and BlackBerries on airplanes.

The Insane Temptations of Two Tech Bloggers

Ryan Tate · 10/03/11 08:54PM

For TechCrunch's MG Siegler, temptation came from the clubby world of venture capital. For the New York Times' Nick Bilton, the lure was in the blindingly lit studios of a TV network. The writers made different choices—one took the money, the other turned it down—but the scope of their offers alone is the sign of a world gone mad.

Overheard: Facebook's CEO Hates Privacy

Ryan Tate · 04/28/10 06:31PM

A New York Times writer heard Facebook's CEO doesn't believe in secrets; a Facebook flack disapproved of the writer's secrets; and Barry Diller's wife refused to give up her fur secrets. The Twitterati sought loose lips.

Would You Buy a Trendy, $1,000 Mini-Pig?

Ryan Tate · 10/07/09 07:02PM

Micro-swine divided flack from newspaperman; inept cabbies kept two journalists from drinking together and there is something happening involving sex pigeons. The Twitterati made fuzzy friends.