Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All About Being a "Normal" Child Star

Whitney Jefferson · 08/20/10 11:50AM

Poster girl for early-90s Nickelodeon appeared on Today to talk about her new sitcom (that also stars Joey Lawrence—whoa!) When Hoda Kotb asks how she's so put-together, Hart reveals her current suburban life in Connecticut with her family.

Anna Wintour to Oprah: 'Lose Some Weight, Fatass!'

The Cajun Boy · 05/20/09 06:15AM

Anna Wintour told Oprah that she needed to drop at least twenty pounds to be featured on the cover of Vogue and Chase Crawford is set to star in the remake of Footloose.

Nick Jones

Gawker · 04/21/03 09:51AM

The Observer UK profiles Nick Jones, the owner of Soho House and one-time proprietor of a chain of UK restaurants called "Over the Top." The concept for the latter: "You chose your meata burger, a bit of chicken or pork or lamband then you could choose one of 10 toppings to go over the top.' What, like a cheese sauce? He coughs. 'A Dijon cheese sauce, please. The sauces were all called after mountains, like Kilimanjaro.' Was there a Scafell Pike? 'No... but the curry sauce was named after an Indian mountain.'"
Wanna be in my club? [Observer via TMN]