​Publicist Takes a Constructive Stand Against Negativity

Tom Scocca · 11/07/13 02:55PM

Poynter's Andrew Beaujon reports that BuzzFeed has hired a books editor, Isaac Fitzgerald. The BuzzFeed books section is a project of real cultural importance. What Fitzgerald does will help establish and define the relationship between the thriving and successful BuzzFeed, with its mastery of distributing brisk and engaging viral content, and the more stolid traditions of literary publishing.

College Professors Demand Right to Be Mean

Hamilton Nolan · 03/26/12 12:50PM

A new "behavioural capability framework" proposed by the administration at RMIT University in Australia would require professors to be "positive" and "optimistic," as a rule. It would mandate niceness, in academia.

Is 4chan Turning Into Internet Good Guys?

Adrian Chen · 09/02/10 10:01PM

4chan, the anarchic Internet messageboard, appears to be experiencing an identity crisis. Whereas terror campaigns against tweens were once planned amid stomach-churning images, a strong streak of do-gooderism has taken hold. In fact, 4chan is being downright nice these days.