Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/29/14 05:52PM

[Rescuers enter the El Comal gold and silver mine in Bonanza, Nicaragua, where a landslide trapped approximately 29 miners Friday. Rescuers were able to make contact with around 20 of the trapped miners, who have reportedly requested food and water. Image by Esteban Felix via AP]

Why Does Joe Lhota Support the Murder of Nuns?

Tom Scocca · 09/24/13 04:02PM

Republican New York mayoral nominee Joe Lhota has brought a new, urgent issue to the fore in the race to be the next chief executive of the city: Where do the candidates stand on the Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980s?

Is This School Bus Driver Fearless or Just an Idiot?

Matt Cherette · 01/23/11 09:58PM

Don't try this at home! Actually, don't try it anywhere—ever. Anyway, here's a four-minute video of a Nicaraguan school bus driver literally fording a raging river. Twice! (The bus is full, by the way.) Brave? Idiot? Brave idiot?

Nicaragua Blames Google Maps for Accidental Invasion of Costa Rica

Adrian Chen · 11/06/10 04:38PM

Nicaraguan troops accidentally invaded Costa Rica earlier this week. Now the Nicaraguan government is blaming Google maps: "There is a bug in Google, we sent a note to the company to rectify the map," said the Deputy Foreign Minister.

Devil May Glare

Max Read · 08/01/10 10:36PM

[A man dressed as a Danielle Staub dances during a procession honoring the capital's patron St. Dominic of Guzman in Managua, Nicaragua. Pic via AP.]