Here's Every Nic Cage Laugh from Every Nic Cage Movie

Jay Hathaway · 05/28/14 10:42AM

Nic Cage has gotten a ton of mileage out of his trademark unhinged laugh, and now, thanks to one video editor's bravery, we know exactly how much mileage. This is a supercut of every Nicolas Cage laugh in every live-action Nicolas Cage movie, and it's 20 minutes long.

Nicolas Cage's Wax Figure Not Thrilled to Meet Actual Nicolas Cage

Emma Carmichael · 01/31/12 06:35PM

Here is wax figure Nicolas Cage, trying to get along with actual Nicolas Cage at Paris's Musée Grévin on Sunday. Have you ever seen a wax figure look so fundamentally disinterested in his counterpart? I'm worried about their chemistry. Hopefully, they bonded just a little bit over the complicated life of a stunt motorcyclist who's often engulfed in flames and acting as jazz. Not everyone can share these interests, wax figure Nic and actual Nic. Go have a cigarette together, or something. [Via]

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage's Hair

Whitney Jefferson · 01/19/11 12:30PM

Say what you will about the guy's acting skills, but Nic Cage's hair has a wide array of styles. The folks at Pajaba have put together a video taking us all the way from Valley Girl to his latest movies.

Next Time, Nicolas Cage Will Try TurboTax

nickm · 02/20/08 04:27PM

As if it's not enough for Nicolas Cage to have to deal with Kathleen Turner's chihuahua-napping accusations, now the actor is embroiled in a scandal with the Internal Revenue Service. is reporting that the Chiclet-toothed thespian used his production company to illegally write off $3.3 million in personal expenses, including "limos, meals, gifts, travel, and his Gulfstream 1159A turbojet." Sounds to us like someone had their taxes done by the shady accounting firm of Jackson, Hewitt & Snipes.