How not to get rejected for the iTunes App Store

Nicholas Carlson · 09/17/08 03:40PM

After Apple banned iPhone app Podcaster from its iTunes App Store, CNET called Podcaster the iPhone app that's "so good, Apple won't let you have it." Apple hasn't said why, but it's widely believed that the app was banned for competing with the iPhone's built-in podcast-downloading software. But blogger Niall Kennedy writes that he tested the Podcaster app according to Apple's stated rules, and discovered three reasons Apple might have legitimately rejected Alex Sokirynsky's app.Kennedy said Podcaster takes as long as 3 to 5 minutes to load some menus, that he had to dismiss a confirmation sheet each time he added a new podcast, and that Podcaster's interface is crowded and ugly. Remember, ugly is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of Apple, which warns developers on its Developer Connection site:

Start drinking now to survive this week

Megan McCarthy · 10/15/07 02:10PM

The next few days will be packed to the gills with conferences. Oh, and "summits," which I think are conferences with an extra-large dose of self-promoting gadabouts. Start off with a few cocktail hours to practice your networking before the big events later this week.

Who's the next Robert Scoble?

Nick Douglas · 06/12/06 10:00AM

So yeah, as you probably didn't hear because, unlike all these bloggers, you have a life — Microsoft blogger and apologist Robert Scoble just quit Microsoft to work for John Furrier's Podtech podcast network.

Blogger Dinners need booze

Nick Douglas · 06/01/06 07:43PM

Dropped in on Dave Winer and Niall Kennedy's Blogger Dinner last night. A couple dozen bloggers attended the comfortable little affair at Henry's Hunan. I chatted with one — friend and blogger Nicole Lee — in a day-after dinner autopsy. Apologies to anyone we forgot to smugly name-drop.

To-Do this week: Shake your money-maker

Nick Douglas · 05/30/06 07:21PM
  • Tuesday night: See if you can't sneak into NetSquared's reception at the Hilton Santa Clara. Bonus points for anyone who tapes a drunk demo and sends it to Valleywag. [NetSquared]

Podcast roundup: Stick with TWiT

ndouglas · 03/22/06 09:10PM

Another week of tech podcasts churned through the official Valleywag iPod. The verdict: suffer through a Laporte-less This Week in Tech and you can skip the rest.

Podcast roundup: Drunk Diggnation wins

ndouglas · 03/08/06 07:11PM

Om and Niall PodSession: Om Malik promises a "big surprise" at the end of the latest episode. OMG MAJOR SPOILER WARNING: Google News picked up Om's blog. Yay. Weird thing is, he thanks the Google News and Blogger teams. Actual people update Google News sources? Don't they have robots for that?

Tech podcasts that aren't boring

ndouglas · 02/06/06 09:11PM

Another Gillmor Gang podcast, another hour and a half of white guys saying "um." If your ears aren't bleeding within five minutes, you'll at least want to walk in and SHAKE these guys when they get distracted and start talking about Darwinism. Blogger (and Tinfinger CEO) Paul Montgomery says just what we're all thinking: cut it down! And Steve, shut up!