Madonna Embarrassing Herself Far in Advance of Big Super Bowl Halftime Show

Emma Carmichael · 02/02/12 05:55PM

The Super Bowl is a mere three days away, which brings us to that painful part of the promotion week where every single person who has even a remote involvement in The Big Game is granted a formulaic press conference. (Sample questions: "Excited about The Big Game?" "Who are you rooting for in The Big Game?" "Is this Big Game bigger than last year's Big Game?")

Which NFL Quarterback Is Cheating with a Twilight Actress?

Brian Moylan · 01/13/12 10:43AM

This QB has been shacking up with a Twilight star even though his wife is pregnant. This recently-divorced star is keeping her new boyfriend secret, and this celeb is helping a dancer with body image issues. That's downright noble.

Watch Deion Sanders' Strange Explosion of Laughter

Ajay Mehta · 01/14/11 11:42AM

Sure, Joe Thiesmann accidentally saying "Danny Woodcock" in reference to New England Patriots player Danny Woodhead is funny. But it's not as funny as Deion Sanders' laugh-cry-roll extravaganza would have you believe.

Will Arnett and the Late Night Crew Perform "The Pro Bowl Shuffle"

Whitney Jefferson · 01/09/11 02:00PM

For those who missed this Late Night gem, here's "The Pro Bowl Shuffle." In it, comedians rap Chicago Bears-style dressed as some NFL favorites (like Will Arnett as Brett Favre and Horatio Sans as Troy Palomalu.) Amusing lyrics included!

The NFL Offensive Lineman Play Of The Decade

Morgan Barry · 12/20/10 03:32PM

Anyone who watched last night's Pats-Packers game knows there was one clear-cut play of the game. Watch as Patriots' Dan Connolly wraps his mitts around this squib kick, and barrels down the field, 71 yards, for a miraculous near touchdown.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan Disguised with a Wig

Christopher Han · 11/11/10 03:42PM

This guy! The Jets' gregarious and extroverted head coach has a twin brother, for real. Rob Ryan is the Cleveland Browns' defensive coordinator, and they're playing each other this week. Rex decided to impersonate him at a press conference.

South Park's Sexting Advice for Brett Favre

Matt Cherette · 10/27/10 09:31PM

Since 30 Rock (here) and SNL (here) already threw in their two cents re: Brett Favre's sexting scandal, it seems only natural that South Park would be next. Watch as Cartman visits "Captain Hindsight," who has some advice for Favre.

Celebratory Touchdown Dance Pays Homage to Carlton Banks

Annie Fleming · 10/11/10 11:47AM

Remember Carlton's sweet dance moves on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Detroit Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith does too. After scoring a touchdown Sunday against the Rams, he broke out into Carlton-like dance.

Drew Brees's Throwing Accuracy vs. an Olympic Archer

Bryan Ridgell · 09/24/10 01:02PM

NFL Quarterbacks have to be accurate with their passes, but this is incredible: Sports Science tests Drew Bree's accuracy throwing a football verses an Olympic archer's ability with a bow and arrow. See how Drew does, in the video.