Next Media Animation Responds to the Quit Heard 'Round the World

John Cook · 10/01/13 12:20PM

Over the weekend, we posted this video of Marina Shifrin, a former staffer for the weird Taiwanese news animator Next Media Animation—the folks who make funny viral-y videos out of our silly little news happenings—quitting her job in a highly public fashion while dancing to Kanye West. The video went viral, as videos often will, and left viewers with the impression that NMA is a sweatshop of sorts where traffic is valued over the art (for shame!). This morning, an NMA executive kindly requested equal time.

Watch Steve Jobs Reveal His Secret Ninja Identity

Ryan Tate · 09/15/10 11:42AM

Taiwanese newspaper publisher Next Daily posted a great video of Steve Jobs becoming a ninja and attacking airport security. What is the truth about the Apple CEO's martial arts skills, and why aren't U.S. media investigating? A conspiracy, perhaps?