Meet the Weird Christian Content Mill Behind Newsweek's New Owners

Adam Weinstein · 04/01/14 10:56AM

Last year, when it was announced that International Business Times had bought the shrinking Newsweek brand, some media organizations started asking questions about IBT's connection to a shady Korean-born Christian minister. Now we have some new, weird info on that connection.

Newsweek Editor-in-Chief: We Stand by Our Bitcoin Story

J.K. Trotter · 03/06/14 11:15PM

Newsweek isn’t backing down. Hours after publishing Leah McGrath Goodman’s 4,5oo-word profile of a 64-year-old Temple City engineer named Dorian S. Nakamoto—who, Goodman claims, is the long-mysterious inventor of Bitcoin—the magazine faced a cascade of evidence contradicting the ambitious cover story of its freshly revived print edition. Nevertheless, its editor-in-chief tells Gawker that the publication stands by the story.

J.K. Trotter · 03/06/14 07:58PM

Temple City resident Dorian S. Nakamoto—identified by Newsweek as the long-unknown inventor of Bitcoin—told the Associated Press that “he had never heard of Bitcoin until his son told him he had been contacted by a reporter three weeks ago.”

Tina Brown’s Charity Mostly Threw Parties for Tina Brown

J.K. Trotter · 09/13/13 11:09AM

The Women in the World Foundation, former Daily Beast editor Tina Brown’s very own charity, is nominally devoted to “driving solutions that advance women and girls.” According to its sole IRS filing, the New York Post points out, Women in the World spent the plurality of funds raised in 2011, totaling more than a million dollars, on throwing lavish gatherings for its director and her connected friends. That’s one kind of solution!

The Not-So-Final Embarrassment of Tina Brown

Hamilton Nolan · 08/05/13 09:01AM

The dessicated, online-only husk of what was once a big magazine called Newsweek has finally been sold off (despite our explicit instructions not to buy it). For editor Tina Brown, it marks the end of a humiliating career defeat. Newsweek's downfall exposed all of Tina Brown's weaknesses, and won't hurt her a bit.

Cord Jefferson · 06/05/13 04:56PM

Baba Shetty, CEO of NewsBeast since September 2012, today left the company, which is reportedly in the midst of trying to offload Newsweek. Tina Brown broke the news in a memo, which also revealed that Rhona Murphy would be the interim CEO.

Do Not Buy Newsweek

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/13 01:36PM

Newsweek is for sale. Again! And what great timing: the CEO promises that Newsweek "will break-even in Q4 of this year." What reason could you possibly find not to buy?

Cord Jefferson · 05/28/13 06:11PM

Variety is reporting that Newsweek is for sale again, just three years after merging with the Daily Beast and one month after Barry Diller said publicly that he regretted buying the flagging brand.