David Brooks Is a Working Class Hero

Hamilton Nolan · 06/28/16 08:25AM

David Brooks, the Mr. Rogers of the New York Times, has some penetrating thoughts about the “working-class parts of America,” on which he is a well-known expert.

Hamilton Nolan · 03/02/16 09:51AM

Following a new round of consolidations and layoffs, “The last daily edition of the 150-year-old Oakland Tribune will be published April 4.” Surviving 150 years is an incredible feat.

Tom Friedman Is No Socialist, Obviously

Hamilton Nolan · 02/17/16 11:15AM

If you sat Tom Friedman in a chair, gave him a piece of paper, snapped your fingers to get his attention, and told him to write down America’s three greatest sources of strength, what would he do?

The Curse of Peggy Noonan Descends Upon Bernie Sanders

Hamilton Nolan · 01/29/16 09:30AM

Ronald Reagan action figure collector Peggy Noonan has, shall we say, a checkered record of political predictions. Today, she tars one Bernard Sanders with her dastardly Wand of Bad Luck.

A Theological Debate

Hamilton Nolan · 12/03/15 11:48AM

Here are today’s front pages of New York City’s two tabloid newspapers. Which one is “better?”

Hamilton Nolan · 09/08/15 04:10PM

The publisher of the LA Times, Austin Beutner, has been fired by Tribune Co., which was reportedly unhappy with his performance. Beutner’s goodbye note can be read here. If you know any behind-the-scenes dirt, email us.

Fuck Your Arms

Hamilton Nolan · 05/28/15 09:28AM

Uh oh, summertime is here and you know what that means, ladies—time to obsess over your arms, for some reason! Wow! Arms! Appendages! What to do?