Ron Paul Knew All About His Beloved Racist Newsletters

Jim Newell · 01/27/12 03:20PM

The Washington Post is out with an excellent update on the history of the racist, homophobic, survivalist, nutcase newspapers that were published under his name in the 80s and 90s, which comes awfully close to confirming the most likely version of the story: He may not have written every word of them, but he sure signed off on them and wanted them written that way to pick up more subscribers and make more money.

Make Your Own Racist Newsletter with Our Magnetic Ron Paul Kit

Max Read · 01/17/12 04:45PM

Energized by The New Republic's new excerpts from the racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic conspiracy newsletter published (though not specifically authored) by Ron Paul in the early 1990s? Disappointed that they're no longer being published? Unable to hire Lew Rockwell to write most of it for you? Fret not, alternate Vince Foster death theory enthusiasts: just use the Gawker-brand Ron Paul Magnetic Newsletter Kit to make your own.