Are You a Journalist? Ask the Treasury Department and Israel

Tom Scocca · 05/13/13 02:01PM

The Newseum, a gargantuan space in Washington, DC, dedicated to educating the public about the workings of journalism, unveiled a new exhibit today: a cutting-edge interactive demonstration of how pressure groups control what gets published.

Fox's Annoying Scandal

Hamilton Nolan · 04/10/09 01:20PM

In your finally Friday media column: the New York Times "eats crow" (funny joke LOL), the Newseum wins, ASME loses, and police charge Fox with being annoying:

Things In The Newseum

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/08 03:47PM

The Unabomber is upset that his old cabin is now a display in Washington's Newseum. We share his concern. [TSG]

Pathetic Storage Bin For Media Crap Opens Soon

balk · 05/08/07 10:40AM

The Newseum, a gallery dedicated to the profession of journalism, is almost ready for visitors! Soon-to-be-former Times media reporter Kit Seelye takes a look at the monument to press freedom, decidedly one of the most expensive museums under construction.

Wall Street Journal

Gawker · 01/13/03 10:30AM

A trick, for those without a subscription to the Journal: the entire front page appears online for free at Newseum, the Freedom Forum's new project. Follow the link below, and click on the PDF link for higher resolution.
Wall Street Journal []