The Not-So-Final Embarrassment of Tina Brown

Hamilton Nolan · 08/05/13 09:01AM

The dessicated, online-only husk of what was once a big magazine called Newsweek has finally been sold off (despite our explicit instructions not to buy it). For editor Tina Brown, it marks the end of a humiliating career defeat. Newsweek's downfall exposed all of Tina Brown's weaknesses, and won't hurt her a bit.

Failing NewsBeast: Everyone Except Tina Brown's Fault

Hamilton Nolan · 11/14/11 02:58PM

In your murky Monday media column: Newsbeast loses two top executives, CNN's "social network for news," News Corp finds one honest place on earth, the public opinion impact of Hackgate, and Mediawire is here.

Every Journalist Got a New Job This Week

Hamilton Nolan · 08/19/11 01:51PM

In your finally Friday media column: Michael Daly is leaving the NY Daily News, NewsBeast is a revolving door, Greta Van Susteren bolsters her "Fakest Journalist" credentials, a reporter quits in style, and something notable printed in The Daily.

Tina Brown Sees Nothing Wrong with Freakish Zombie Diana

Richard Lawson · 06/29/11 01:11PM

NewsweekBeast editor Tina Brown was on Morning Joe this, uh, morning and was asked about the controversial new Newsweek issue that imagines Princess Diana at 50 if she were still alive, complete with a creepy Photoshop on the cover. Despite the criticism, Tina still likes it!

Shep Smith Calls Bill Keller 'Not Nice'

Hamilton Nolan · 06/03/11 03:00PM

In your finally Friday media column: Shep Smith vs. Bill Keller, New York Times overload, Utah is just like New York, Conde Nast's real estate decisions criticized, and Tina Brown poaches another one.