How To Not Go to Jail For Weed

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/09 04:10PM

Possession of a small amount of weed in New York is only punishable by a ticket and a small fine. So why do cops bring so many people to NYC jails for the same violation? They use tricknology.

Even The Cultured Fall Prey To Common Fitness Misconceptions

Hamilton Nolan · 10/21/08 04:14PM

Illustrious Doubleday book publishing exec Julie Grau takes to the pages of Vogue this month to muse about her "definitive ab-sculpting workout": "On the floor, we pretzel our legs and torque our bodies through an array of exercises that Tanya promises will 'fry the fat off your hips' and get rid of unsightly waistband overhang." Sorry Julie, spot reduction of fat is a myth. I'm surprised you didn't know that. You can read about it in a book. [NYO]

Cary Tennis Finally Offers Interesting Advice

Pareene · 03/19/08 11:08AM

"So do this: Take out a sheet of paper and draw two intersecting circles. On one side draw a penis and on the other side draw a vagina. In the intersection put the penis and the vagina."
Salon advice columnist Cary Tennis, today. [Salon]

The Best Black Friday Shopping Strategy Is Obnoxiousness, Gender Flexibility

JonLiu · 11/21/07 02:20PM

Just like that Woodward "Bush at War" volume of the same name, today's Post article "Plan of Attack" promises an inside account of high-level military planning—"sure-fire tactics [to] make a successful Black Friday." It's practically a slam-dunk for a good Christmas season. The insider in this case is Marina Vataj, "a former staffer at a major New York department store," who's "been on the other side of those doors and...picked up all the tricks of the Black Friday trade." Shopper beware, though! Again like with that other thing, this credentialed expert's attack plan might just make EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD HATE YOU.

Is Karen Danziger The Best Media Headhunter?

Choire · 09/10/07 11:00AM

Today Kent Brownridge, Jann Wenner's former right-hand man and the honcho of new Alpha Media, the former Dennis Publishing, shouts the praises of media headhunter Karen Danziger. She's the exec vice president of Howard-Sloan-Koller Group, and she was the one who suggested somewhat frightening former Rolling Stone guy Jim Kaminsky as the new editor of Maxim. Brownridge tells Portfolio: "Karen Danziger, the only headhunter in the editorial world that I think is worth anything, and she's worth a lot — I love her; she's my sister, shrink, priest, whatever — she gives me a list of people that I should go see, and on it is Jim, and I think, oh, well, Jim." Heh. That's how we felt about Jim too—but then Kent got all frothy on him, and hired him. We've met Karen—she's fun, mouthy, doesn't like idiots, and she dresses like the high-end version of a sharp Long Island lady. But is she all that? Your experiences sought, anonymity guaranteed.

mark · 08/02/07 03:38PM

Brazen Santa Monica jaywalkers, beware! A concerned operative with your best interests at heart writes: "Massive jay-walking sting operation outside HBO, MTV, and Lionsgate. No fewer than four Santa Monica motorcycle cops at the corner of Colorado and Cloverfield, ticketing dozens of pedestrians. Be warned."

The Great Internet Crash of '07

Megan McCarthy · 07/13/07 05:15PM

The Onion, America's Finest News Source, has an eerily prescient report on what would happen if the Internet were to suddenly disappear, including the devastating toll it would take on the blogging community. Says one LiveJournal user, after years of online documentation disappeared, "I feel like control-alt-deleting myself." Apparently, Nigeria's economy, balanced so carefully on the backs of 419 scams, would be the first casualty.

Doree Shafrir · 06/14/07 12:11PM

From the mailbag: "There are about 100 paparazzi and black SUVs across the street from my office on 62nd and Lex waiting for Brad Pitt to exit a pretty anonymous looking brownstone." Go forth!

Doree Shafrir · 06/13/07 12:27PM

If you go over to the Waldorf-Astoria, like, NOW, you can join the throng of 200 paparazzi who are waiting for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to emerge from the hotel.