'Jewish Living': It's A God Thing!

Emily Gould · 11/14/07 05:45PM

"Spa-lom Aleichem!" Yes, that is a real headline in 'Jewish Living,' the new magazine that's set to ameliorate the "shortage of information specifically for Jewish women in the popular homemaking magazines." This magazine sort of rules! From the front of the book section "kvell" alone, we learned: That Sandra Bernhard attends shul every Saturday ("It really provides me with a framework to get through the week") and that someone named "Poopa Dweck" has written a book called 'The Aromas Of Aleppo.' Later, in the "On the Menu" section, we discovered tips for "making it healthy without losing the tasty." And there's a whole feature about Jews with tattoos—rabbis still consider the real kind "desecration of the body," fyi, but there is a page of temporary tattoos included free with the magazine. That's right, you are only $4.99 and a newsstand away from having a tramp stamp that says "Shayna Maidel" ("pretty girl"). But that's not even the magazine's highlight!

Choire · 09/12/07 02:16PM

From the mailbag: "What is an acceptable time for the non-observant Jew to leave the office today? 4? Is 3:30 pushing it?" Well, ONE non-observant Jew who won't be named just left here at 3:12, so we'd say you're safe to go now!