Facebook Imitates Twitter Once More

Owen Thomas · 04/27/09 12:04PM

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, is once again courting software developers. Where he once invited them to live on its site, he's now hoping they'll knit Facebook into desktop applications. It's another move to ape Twitter.

Facebook's Wall comes down

Nicholas Carlson · 06/13/08 12:40PM

Facebook has removed the "Wall" from its redesigned profiles. Early screenshots of the redesign featured a separate tab for the popular feature, but the latest shots show the Wall, where other users can leave comments on a profile, with the user's News Feed — now just called the "Feed." Users will be able to filter the Feed to see only Wall posts. Facebook-app developers, already exasperated by the redesign process, tell us they don't like the idea. Says one: "Mixing in 'X wrote on Y's FunWall" along with more personal messages from friends may deteriorate the quality of the new Wall/Feed feature as a whole." Put another way? Widgetmakers don't like losing their privileged position in the News Feed. Full screenshot of the new look, below.

Zuckerberg's caving to Facebook developers proves he's no Bill Gates

Nicholas Carlson · 05/01/08 12:20PM

Updated mockups reveal that Facebook has added a new tab to its soon-to-be-released user profiles. It's a small but telling detail that illustrates how the obsessively controlling Mark Zuckerberg has ceded power to independent Facebook-app developers. In his original plans for Facebook's redesign, Zuckerberg planned to integrate the Wall — the place where public messages from other users are displayed on user profiles — with Facebook's News Feed, which is where Facebook serves ads between "stories" about other users' activities. This integration was a way for Facebook to finally serve ads in the Wall, a placewhere users spend a great deal of their time on the site.