MySpace To Be Sold for Scrap

Ryan Tate · 06/28/11 12:55PM

Well, this is embarrassing: News Corp. will probably sell MySpace for less than a tenth of what it paid for the social network, and for less than a third of its stated minimum bid. And, yes, big layoffs are coming.

Hulu Is Up for Sale

Ryan Tate · 06/22/11 05:58PM

Hulu has put itself up for sale, moving to end the grand alliance between the broadcasters who own the TV website and provide it with shows. This is really going to suck.

Sad MySpace Has Just One Bidder

Ryan Tate · 06/09/11 02:40PM

After six months of trying to sell itself, animated GIF emporium MySpace has exactly one potential buyer, who only wants to buy part of MySpace, and at a very steep discount. This is getting rather pathetic.

The iPad Newspaper is Here

Ryan Tate · 02/02/11 12:24PM

Rupert Murdoch and his team at News Corp., plus third-string Apple executive Eddy Cue, just unveiled the much-hyped iPad newspaper, The Daily, in New York. It's got video, big pictures, embedded Twitter, and updates that "break in" to the app.

MySpace Halfway in the Grave

Ryan Tate · 01/04/11 03:39PM

Well, that was fast: Barely two months after a big redesign, MySpace is planning to lay off half its staff, according to news reports. So much for the flailing social network's supposed turnaround.

Will the New MySpace Suck Less?

Ryan Tate · 10/27/10 12:19PM

Do you have some "Generation Y" teens or pre-teens lazing about your home? Because the terminally ill old social network down by the river, MySpace, would like to show them racy videos all day in his redesigned internet van. Exciting.

The Price of Crossing Steve Jobs

Ryan Tate · 09/30/10 03:45PM

Gordon McLeod has been packing up his office; today is his last at the Wall Street Journal. His ejection is complicated. But some coworkers think they know what did him in: insulting Steve Jobs in Rupert Murdoch's presence.