News Anchor Makes T.I. Music Video, Co-Anchor Is Not Amused

Jay Hathaway · 11/04/14 12:16PM

Dan Thorn, an anchor at West Virginia's 59 News, has released the white-news-anchorest possible music video for "Where They at Doe?"—not so much a T.I. track as a Bobby Shmurda remix of the time Floyd Mayweather claimed he'd given T.I. two black eyes, and the rapper showed his face on video to ask "Where they at, though?"

Watch a Bunch of News Anchors Struggle to Pronounce "Lupita Nyong'o"

Jay Hathaway · 04/24/14 12:20PM

People's Most Beautiful Person of 2014 is Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, unfortunately for news anchors around the U.S., who have no idea how to pronounce her last name. Jimmy Kimmel didn't even need to trick anyone to get this montage of stuttering local newsreaders.

Anderson Cooper Thinks Snooki Is a Great News Anchor

Matt Cherette · 09/01/11 01:50AM

Snooki made her debut as a news anchor today on some AOL site that hasn't yet been renamed "HuffPost [Subject]." And while we're still deciding if the Jersey Shore star has a knack for reportage, she's definitely got a fan in Anderson Cooper, who spent a few minutes on tonight's AC360 fawning over his "little cutie Couric." Video of the segment is above.

Will Anderson Cooper Come Out on His New Talk Show?

Brian Moylan · 08/23/11 12:10PM

With the start of Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show, Anderson, just weeks away there's speculation that CNN's biggest closet case will be coming out during the daylight hours. So will he? And just when would he do it? Let's speculate.

The Yearbook Photos of Your Favorite TV Reporters

Gene Delsener · 08/09/10 07:22PM

Anchors/reporters are the celebrities of the news business: a bunch of familiar faces that sometimes won't stop talking. But can you name the newscasters before they became famous? Test your knowledge of these TV mainstays with their yearbook photos, inside.

This News Anchor Needs to Work on His Transitions

Matt Cherette · 06/21/10 02:51PM

Sometimes, a short/random video is just what we need for a quick—and hearty—laugh. Luckily, we have San Francisco news anchor Ken Bastida, and his unfortunate non-transition when talking about an absent colleague, to provide the chuckle. Video inside.

Hilarious Teleprompter FAIL

Michael Jordan · 03/17/10 01:30PM

Listen closely to this Sky News report from last summer. Looks like someone forgot to fill in part of the autocue. I imagine it would have taken up, oh, "12 words or 4 seconds" or so.

The Sexual Lives of News Anchors: A Guide

Maureen O'Connor · 02/23/10 05:56AM

Jeff Toobin's fetish is too-hot-to-print. Outing Anderson is a national pastime and Barbara Walters has more sex than you do. If gravitas, hairspray, and that thousand-mile teleprompter gaze are your thing, here's your dossier for meth-smoking, anal-fisting, camera-loving news anchors.

Are All News Anchors This Cocky in Boston?

Whitney Jefferson · 01/20/10 05:45PM

WHDH Boston's Pete Bouchard was discussing the total amount of snowfall (in inches) during a broadcast and he made quite a startling comparison. We'll let you figure it out on your own.

Mika Brzezinski Has the Worst Job in Television

Whitney Jefferson · 11/06/09 01:28PM

Finally, we understand why Mika Brzezinski constantly looks crazed and upset: because Joe Scarborough gets his kicks from constantly humiliating and belittling his co-host.

Can We Just Call Them Gay?

Maggie · 01/29/08 05:14PM

New York magazine hints around at Shepherd Smith's gayness as best it can in a Q&A today with the Fox anchor. What's hanging above his couch? "Nothing, nobody," Smith answers. And the last Broadway show he saw? The magazine's 2005 profile of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper carried some heavy subtext as well. "Cooper couldn't have looked more put-together in his impeccably modern black suit, crisp pink shirt, and perfectly knotted purple-and-blue tie," it read. A pink shirt! And crisp, no less! Whatever could they be implying? Enough, we say, it's 2008 for God's sakes, a news anchor can be whoever he wants to be. Test your gaydar against ours after the jump as we rate five top news hosts' homosexuality using five video clips and a terribly loose interpretation of the Kinsey Scale.