Hamilton Nolan · 02/20/14 09:16AM

The Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, which two years ago closed a school for lack of funds, is paying to build an enormous new wing on its archbishop's vacation home, with "an indoor exercise pool, three fireplaces and an elevator." Jesus wept.

Lacey Donohue · 10/20/13 07:10PM

Same-sex marriages in New Jersey are scheduled to begin Monday at 12:01 a.m. Though the process has been plagued with bureaucratic difficulties, mayors in Newark, Jersey City, Asbury Park and Lambertville plan to open City Halls late Sunday and marry couples as soon as they're able.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/10/13 08:20AM

Good news for the long-suffering food shoppers of Newark: a Whole Foods is coming to town. The bad news: the store will be located in Newark.

Did Cory Booker Make Up a Newark Drug Dealer?

J.K. Trotter · 08/29/13 01:43PM

Cory Booker, the attention-loving Democratic mayor of Newark who is currently running for U.S. Senate, has repeatedly claimed he befriended a drug dealer named “T-Bone” when he first moved to Newark in 1995. Up until 2008, he told this story fairly often, wrenching the hearts of interviewers and audiences. But according to Eliana Johnson at National Review, “T-Bone” is almost certainly not a real person. Rutgers University history professor Clement Price, Johnson writes,

Cory Booker: Gay or Not Gay? (Round 1,452)

J.K. Trotter · 08/28/13 01:20PM

Newark Mayor and U.S. Senate hopeful Cory Booker is once again parrying questions about whether he likes dudes. Is he gay? Bisexual? Completely straight? (Asexual?) The only person who knows for sure — Booker himself — refused to specify twice yesterday, first in a Washington Post profile and, in a follow-up interview, to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. It’s a weird contrast: Booker presents himself as the most open, accessible mayor in America, and an ally of gay rights, yet repeatedly dances around the question of his own sexuality, preferring to play a rope-a-dope game with anyone who would like to know.

Cory Booker's Spokesman Refuses to Say Whether or Not He's Gay

Max Read · 01/29/13 10:16AM

The world cried out for more words on puppy-rescuing Newark Mayor, New Jersey Senate hopeful and Twitter celebrity Cory Booker, and Buzzfeed has delivered — 5,000 of them, answering the question "Can Cory Booker Keep It Together?" (the answer: Maybe?). Unfortunately, only a handful are devoted the only question anyone really cares about: is he gay? The answer, again, is "maybe?"

Cory Booker Once Fisted a Man's Gunshot Wound

MTanzer · 12/23/12 03:44PM

Here's a picture of Cory Booker reacting to Peggy Noonan on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. This was his expression when he heard her say that video games were to blame for gun violence in America. It's the same look that TV viewers at home have been giving to Peggy Noonan for years. Major props to Cory Booker for putting it out there on national TV.

Cory Booker Makes a Superb Cory Booker and a Terrible Mayor

John Cook · 12/14/12 11:40AM

Let the Booker Backlash begin. Newark Mayor Cory Booker has enjoyed an endless stream of slavishly positive publicity—in the national press, at least—since he first became mayor in 2006. There was the time he rushed into a burning building to save a neighbor. And the time he personally shoveled out constituents' sidewalks after complaints about the city's response to a snowstorm on Twitter. And now, in response to a Twitter challenge, he's pledged to live on food stamps for a week to get a better sense of how the other half lives. The New York Times today takes a look at how he's actually performing as mayor: And it's not so great.