Creep Who Liked "Gummy Women" Convicted of Pulling Teeth During Sex

Jay Hathaway · 05/06/15 12:00PM

A New Zealand man was convicted Wednesday of forcibly removing teeth from four women’s mouths while he was having sex with them. Philip Lyle Hansen isn’t a licensed dentist, and the only thing qualifying to yank out his victims’ teeth is that he likes “fat, gummy women” and felt like he was helping them save money on dental bills.

Cheaters' Late Night Office Bone Entertains Pub Across the Street

Aleksander Chan · 02/04/15 01:27PM

Two employees of Christchurch, New Zealand insurance company Marsh, Ltd., engaged in an affair and in the throes of passion, started having sex in their office last Friday night. They apparently thought the building's tinted windows prevented others from seeing inside their well-lit sexscape. They were wrong.

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/25/14 08:51AM

The heads of the New Zealand and Australian Defense Staffs salute after laying wreaths beside the Australian War Memorial during a dawn service to mark Anzac Day in London on Friday. Anzac Day honors the men of the Australia-New Zealand Army Corps who died in the World War I battle for Gallipoli, Turkey. Image via Matt Dunham/AP.

Kate Middleton's Royal Tour Journals: Day 1

Caity Weaver · 04/07/14 05:11PM

This month, powerful baby Prince George performs his first official royal duty—an inspection of British penal colonies and their outlying areas—as he and his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, spend three weeks traveling across Australia and New Zealand. During this time, will publish a selection of entries from his minder Kate Middleton's travel journals.

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/07/14 10:10AM

Britain's Prince William, with Maori Elder Lewis Moeau, picks up a challenge made by a Maori warrior at the official welcome ceremony for William and his wife Kate in Wellington, New Zealand, on Monday. Image via SNPA, Ross Setford/AP.

Girl Sticks Bare Butt on Electric Fence, Gets Crap for It

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/11/13 03:07PM

This video of a young woman participating in the "electric fence challenge" — hey, does anyone remember not injuring yourself for a few minutes of Internet fame? — is officially titled "girl's bum on electric fence challange [sic] goes wrong."