College Roommates

Brian Moylan · 01/08/10 06:55PM

[Forbes sold their Manhattan headquarters to New York University this week. The publishing company will remain a tenant in the building for the next five years. Image via Getty]

Hey NYU Kids: Life Is Good! Stop Throwing In The Towel!

Maggie · 11/12/07 03:10PM

Yet another student at N.Y.U. has killed himself, this time in a Water Street dorm. The school has abided by the family's request not to send out a notification email to the entire university in order to protect their privacy, but apparently, such sensitivity does not apply to speaking to the school's newspaper, which university spokesperson John Beckman, who may or may not be paid some sort of suicide-and-pot-princess overtime, did quite readily.

Staph Superbug Hits N.Y.U. Dorms

Choire · 11/03/07 02:37PM

The staph superbug currently terrorizing an already hospital-phobic America—Methicillin-resistant staph infection, which killed a 12-year-old Brooklyn boy earlier this month—has struck a male student who lives in an N.Y.U. residence hall, according to a memo sent by an N.Y.U. health administrator this morning. The student was hospitalized this week and has since been discharged.

Choire · 08/29/07 04:30PM

From the mailbag: "You may or may not care to know that [New York Times reporter] David Carr was the guest speaker at NYU's J-school orientation today. He was charming in an old-guy-who-references-Clap-Your-Hands-Say-Yeah sort of way and delivered an optimistic spiel about sticking it to the old guard and shaping the future of media. Needless to say, the kids ate it up. As for me, I began to rethink grad school entirely. I thought I was here so that I could eventually get paid a ridiculous sum to write mindless blurbs for Conde Nast mags. Everyone else was so damn earnest. What the hell? For a moment I wondered if maybe my priorities weren't in order, but then I squashed it and started to think about which one of my classmates I'm going to sleep with this semester." Maybe the kids are alright!

N.Y.U. Now A Trade School

Choire · 08/07/07 01:40PM

Talks of a merger between New York University and Polytechnic University are back on, after a three year period of alternately not speaking followed by glancing shyly at each other at parties across the room followed by that one torrid horrible hot night of furtive drunken sex that they never even told their friends about, much less their Facebook friends. Related! HAHA, YOU GO TO A TRADE SCHOOL NOW, YA LITTLE SNOBS. Also related! At least this means more rough trade cruising the library, so, yay.

N.Y.U. Will Take Over Union Square Next

Joshua Stein · 05/18/07 01:14PM

New York University, the alma mater of such notables as E.L. Doctorow and Theo Huxtable, recently announced its 25-year plan for the future domination of Manhattan. The University, one of the largest landowners in Manhattan, recently hired the scary sounding "strategic consultant" SMWM, the same company behind the gentrification of 125th Street and all of East Baltimore. (Uh, how's that going?) In anticipation of their 300th anniversary, N.Y.U. is planning to focus on expanding their holdings near the Washington Square campus and Union Square.

Trust Funds Buy N.Y.U. Kids Condos

Doree Shafrir · 05/08/07 03:34PM

We were all set to post about the N.Y.U. mag Brownstone's silly "14 Most Influential Students" feature ("After stalling for awhile, I finally asked him why he thought he made the list, having no real idea myself." Okay then!). Until we noticed the ad that the magazine is running on their website. Here's to living off campus!

N.Y.U. To Get Trashy Horrid Gossip Site

Doree · 04/04/07 11:54AM is hiring for a N.Y.U. gossip blog. According to one applicant, it'll be "edgy" and " meets P*r*z Hilton." Some of their post ideas were the 100 hottest NYU students ("but in an edgy, sarcastic way!"), who's the biggest Adderall user on campus, and "crazy shit we're sure happens at NYU!" Like dorm pervs, maybe? Helpfully, they also provided a couple of sample posts. Wow! Really, wow. Click to enlarge.

NYU's Coral Towers Dorm Has Peeping Toms

Doree · 03/26/07 09:42AM

Our column about the former gay sex emporium at 14th and 3rd (now the site of a Duane Reade and an NYU dorm!) inspired a letter from a resident of NYU's Coral Towers. Apparently NYU dorms are just giant tempting high-rises full of nubile coeds on display—and now the residents are, oddly enough, tired of the men across the way who like to gaze upon them while self-fondling.