Bill de Blasio Toured Soviet Union in 1983, Contracted Communism

J.K. Trotter · 11/04/13 10:38AM

You might have noticed that Bill de Blasio’s campaign signage features a lot The muckrackers at the New York Post might have figured out why. Today the tabloid revealed that in 1983—thirty short years ago—the Democratic candidate for New York City mayor visited the Soviet Union with a group of students from NYU, where the candidate was a presidential scholar. Or, as the Post explains:

Max Read · 10/29/13 12:05PM

A district judge has ruled that Sandra Guzman, a former associate editor at the New York Post, can continue her bias lawsuit against the Post and its editor, Col Allan. Guzman was fired in 2009 following what she says was a pattern of severe harassment over her gender, race, and national origin.

Tom Scocca · 10/25/13 11:09AM

Here is a thoughtful article, in the New York Post, about the "complex prestige game" that informs the New York graffiti community's disdain toward Banksy: "'Street art' is associated with whimsy and even gentrification—things the mainstream considers socially good, or at the least, nondestructive."

Welcome Back, Richard Johnson

Hamilton Nolan · 09/05/13 11:15AM

Richard Johnson spent a quarter century turning the New York Post's Page Six column into America's premier tabloid gossip column. Three years ago, he left for a big money gig on the West Coast. Now, he is returning home. Welcome back, you sleazeball!

New York Post Punks Jason Bateman

Camille Dodero · 07/01/13 04:58PM

Two Saturdays ago, a LaGuardia Airport worker drove a Southwest Airlines stair car to get pizza for lunch. The New York Post was tipped off to this possible misuse of equipment because that's the tabloid's specialty: cracking down on any sort of proletarian malfeasance that helps make its cranky old readers feel superior about their middling work ethics. Even better, this particular pizza-romping joyride offered the pop-cultural bonus of taking place in a vessel reminiscent of Arrested Development's Bluth Company vehicle.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/07/13 12:23PM

It's not just one awful cartoonist taking a buyout: the New York Post is laying off 13 employees.

Bottoms Up! Here's to the End of Sean Delonas

Tom Scocca · 06/07/13 10:46AM

Sean Delonas, the New York Post's Page Six cartoonist, announced yesterday that he is taking a buyout, ending his 23-year run as the newspaper's mean, mediocre, gibbering id. His work was a mix of the conventional (flitting homos lusting for sheep, filthy hairy terrorists rooting for Democrats) and the inexplicable (flyblown angels in heaven)—crude and cruddy, appalling yet predictable. Like the Post as a whole, he specialized in punching down, while pretending to be punching up. Though he spanned eras, his hostility, sadism, and contempt were the essential tone of Giuliani Time. We can offer no better farewell than this cartoon, by Jim Cooke, depicting Delonas enjoying his retirement.

Max Read · 06/06/13 07:03AM

Salaheddin Barhoum and Yassine Zaimi, the Boston-area runners whose faces were slapped on the front page of the New York Post as possible terrorists by possible pig-fucking racist Col Allan, are suing the paper for libel, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and invasion of privacy.

INCEST Is Now an Issue in the New York Mayoral Campaign

Hamilton Nolan · 06/05/13 09:32AM

Even for engaged citizens, the long New York City mayoral campaign can sometimes get a bit tedious. Our city's tabloid reporters work tirelessly to find fresh angles to keep readers interested. How about... INCEST? Or even, dare we say... INCEST BUNDLING?

Is the New York Post Edited by a Bigoted Drunk Who Fucks Pigs?

Tom Scocca · 04/18/13 02:27PM

This morning, the New York Post published on its front page a photo of two spectators near the Boston Marathon finish line, one wearing a backpack and one with a duffel bag slung at his side, under the headline "BAG MEN."