The New York Post Is Still Talking About Squeegee Men

Andy Cush · 08/08/14 07:27AM

The primary function of the New York Post is to instill a vague fear into upstanding residents of Breezy Point, Bay Ridge, and the Upper East Side that New York City is constantly descending toward chaos, and today, its front cover accomplishes that with flying colors. The bad old days are back!

​Desus Is the Opposite of Horse_Ebooks

Tom Scocca · 04/04/14 04:17PM

The week of April Fool's Day was a bit existentially dispiriting around here. The warning went out for April 1: Remember, a lot of what the internet will be getting excited about today is fake bullshit being spread in bad faith purely for the sake of getting people excited.

Once Again, the New York Post Cannot Tell Black People Apart

Rich Juzwiak · 02/05/14 11:17AM

Today, the New York Post ran a short item about Ashanti's Twitter stalker. As ridiculous as that sentence is, it's not the most ridiculous aspect of the piece. No, it's that in the headline, Ashanti was misidentified as "RiRi," which is Rihanna's nickname. Apparently, the New York Post thinks all black male R&B singers are rappers, and all black female R&B singers are Rihanna.