Media Bubble: Introducing 'The CBS Evening News with Andy Borowitz'

Jesse · 10/28/05 03:28PM

• Jon Friedman thinks the CBS Evening News needs more funny. [MarketWatch]
• There's a new round of rumors that Dow Jones is for sale. The alleged buyer this time: Warren Buffett. [Dow Jones Newswires via SmartMoney]
• At conference, Sulzberger lays out plan for "meeting the demands of modern consumers while staying true to journalism's traditional values." Surprising, "make sure your paper has a major ethics crisis at least every other year" was not a recommendation. [E&P]
• The Times scandals are good news, says Bill Powers. [National Journal]
• Is the final liquidation of Primedia imminent? One can only hope. [Folio:]
New York mag adds new section of real-estate porn, and Cosmo editor Kate White hates late close nights at the office. Yes, it's hard being a Hearst EIC. [WWD]
• We'd make a joke about hip-hop mag The Source going broke and writing bad checks, but we're a little afraid of them. [NYP]

London Calling, Again

Jesse · 10/18/05 12:05PM

It would seem New York mag's biggest fans now reside well outside its target demographic.

Look at the Look Book, Live

Jesse · 09/21/05 02:39PM

We can't say we've really getten too excited for New York magazine's current, changing-every-day ad campaign, even despite daily emails from the best mag publicists in the business letting us know about the each day's new elements. (Campaign stickers on election day! Woo-hoo!)

'New York' Mag: Always Be Closing

Jesse · 09/20/05 10:29AM

Funny: To magazine people, "closing" usually means something different than it does to salespeople. And, frankly, we don't so much want to be doing their kind. (We don't really want to be doing our kind, either, but it goes with the territory.) Somehow, though, lines got a little crossed yesterday at New York magazine, where some business folks decided to let no selling opportunity go unexploited and therefore reconfigured the email system to automatically append this flackery to the end of every outgoing message:

An Embedded Reporter on the Moby Real-Estate Beat

Jesse · 09/06/05 05:28PM

Our first reaction on flipping to "Intelligencer" in this week's New York was to be a little sad that technobaldy and LES fixture Moby is leaving that neighborhood for the moneyed preserves of Central Park West. (One little fatal stabbing in front of his teashop, and there he goes from the neighborhood!) We were then stopped for a second by the odd description of his new pad, which features two terraces "with 360-degree views stretching from the George Washington Bridge to JFK," a span that strikes us as more of a 120-degree view. (Isn't the whole point of a 360-degree view that it stretches from GWB to GWB or from JFK to JFK?) But what finally, really hung us up was the byline: The item was written by on-leave New York gossipeuse Deborah Schoeneman, who is currently away from the magazine, working on her first novel, in seclusion upstate — at Moby's house.

Hot Real Estate Tip, Because We Care

Jesse · 09/01/05 12:57PM

So we're looking through New York mag's brand-spanking-new real-estate website. (Yeah, yeah. It's a slow day, we're a little bored, and everyone's favorite media flack, the mosserrific Serena Torrey, was trying to convince us it's interesting that their listings are updated every hour, as opposed to the Times's, which she says are only updated twice a day. It's not.) For shits and giggles, we figured we'd see what was for sale in the West Village, expecting a New York-appropriate listing of only the finest Bank Street townhouses and Richard Meier glass boxes. Instead, we found what we assumed was a typo: $450K for a 3BR on Charles Street.

Media Bubble: You Love 'New York,' They Hope

Jesse · 08/29/05 02:43PM

New York mag launches major new ad campaign that involves replacing subway billboards every day. Because that's the big problem with waiting for the train: Not enough new reading material. [NYT]
• Is reality TV even worse for its writers than it is for the contestants? [CSM]
• Jon Friedman can't wait for the Conde business mag. [MW]
• Actually, Judy Miller is not having the time of her life in person, her husband now says. [WWD]
• What happens to NBC execs if this season bombs like last season? Bad thing happen, we imagine. [B&C]

Looking at the Look Book

Jesse · 08/16/05 03:45PM

We have no doubt New York mag is made with all sorts of animal and animal-derived products and byproducts, from the leather whips with which Bruce Wasserstein keeps the staff motivated all day to the warm calf's milk in which Adam Moss soaks his feet each night. But the mag finally threw a bone, as it were, to the city's anti-meat community, picking vegan pastry chef Duch Ermold for this week's Look Book.

Most Beautiful 'New York'ers: Choose or Lose

Jesse · 08/12/05 05:24PM

Don't forget that polls are still open in this week's Gawker Hotties competition, with eight of New York magazines hottest staffers facing off — for men in one contest, four women in another.

Gawker Hotties: A 'New York' Intelligencer

Jesse · 08/12/05 03:08PM

Need help deciding who deserves your vote in our Most Beautiful New Yorkers competition? It's testimonials time, where perhaps the impassioned plea of nominating email will help you determine which Hottie's for you.

Gawker Hotties: Help Us Help You

Jesse · 08/11/05 03:34PM

As seems to have become a fact of life with our Gawker Hotties competition, we can't seem to find useful pictures of some of the contenders we're considering. But o ur readers, whom we love dearly, are also phenomenal photo researchers. And so once again we turn to you.

Most Beautiful 'New York'ers: The Final Countdown

Jesse · 08/10/05 11:28AM

There's not much time left to nominate your favorite folks at New York — the magazine, that is, not the whole city — for this week's Gawker Hotties competition. We've got a broad range of nominations, but only a handful of people are tallying high vote counts. So just a few more nominations in one person's column could quite potentially put him or her over the top and into this week's finals, which will be announced tomorrow.

NYC on Terror: We Don't Really Care What Happens, So Long as It's Not Here

Jessica · 08/09/05 12:50PM

In the latest, extra beautiful issue of New York mag, media-whore-cum-foodie Kurt Andersen comes forward to point out that, in light of the subway bag checks, it's remarkably unwise to ignore the obvious racial profile of would-be terrorists. We're not gonna touch that one with a 10-mile pole, but we did enjoy learning about the alternate philosophies behind the NYPD's anti-terror tactics:

Gawker Hotties: We Meant the Magazine, Folks

Jesse · 08/09/05 11:50AM

We thought this was pretty clear in yesterday's new Gawker Hotties announcement, but apparently some of you didn't get it. To be painfully explicit: We're looking for hotties at New York magazine. We are not looking for hotties anywhere in New York. Got the distinction? The magazine is not the city, and we're only interested in the former.

Gawker Hotties: Most Beautiful 'New York'ers

Jesse · 08/08/05 03:34PM

New York, New York, it's a helluva mag. Even more important, it's got a helluva staff, too. So we realized: This week, while the 50 Most Beautiful New Yorkers cover is on the stands and the mag itself is tanned and rested after its midsummer week off, it couldn't be a better time to turn our Hottie sights on that grandaddy of the city rags.