The Non Sports Fan’s Guide to Jeremy Lin

Emma Carmichael · 02/15/12 10:03AM

LINSANITY! is sweeping the nation, and you're still fairly certain that that's not even a word. That's OK; it's not, really. But every now and then, a figure from the sports world emerges, words are invented (remember Tebowing?), and the athlete in question very quickly becomes impossible to ignore—even for non sports fans. This month, the unavoidable sports guy is Jeremy Lin, a 23-year-old Harvard grad and NBA player.

Stephen Colbert Has A Raging Case of Linsanity and Some Endorsement Ideas for Jeremy Lin

Matt Toder · 02/13/12 11:43PM

A lot happened while the Colbert Report was on break last week but nothing was as captivating for Stephen Colbert as the emergence of New York Knick point guard Jeremy Lin. Stephen has been so caught up in the swirl, he is barely bothered by CNN's absurd coverage of Lin and instead has just been brainstorming about possible endorsement deals for him.

Scoring Sunday's Nuptials: Cosmic Energy Binds Them

Phyllis Nefler · 07/25/10 12:58PM

When a former Knicks dancer weds a SpikeTV producer you know the harmonics of the Universe are correctly tuned. Come, explore the New York Times wedding announcements with resident Gawker wedding expert Phyllis Nefler.

NY Knicks Cheerleader Fail

nightintern · 06/25/10 01:30PM

If the Knicks not making the playoffs and not having a first round draft pick wasn't enough, their cheerleaders didn't have a great season either. At least one cheerleader didn't anyway.