Tim Tebow [FAMOUS ATHLETE] Will Play for the New York Jets [SPORTS TEAM]

Max Read · 03/21/12 12:26PM

Attention, non sportfan readers of famous sport ball thrower Tim Tebow will render his athletic services unto the New York Jets, a corporate grouping of professional American football sportsmen, in the coming season. The New York Jets now have two quarter-back postion employees: accused rapist Mark "Sanchize" Sanchez and aggressively anti-choice part-time mohel Tim Tebow. Both have appeared in GQ.

Laura Dern and Ben Harper Split After 5 Years of Confusing Marriage

Adrian Chen · 10/10/10 10:01AM

Ben Harper and Laura Dern: Splitsville, USA. Population: Them. Justin Bieber's new line of nail polish! Mariah Carey throws a birthday bash. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spotted doing normal couple things. Sunday Gossip Roundup! It's here.

Mortgage Exec Wins, Drew Nieporent Loses

cityfile · 10/28/08 01:40PM

A mortgage exec (and hardcore Jets fan) named David Findel was the one who paid $400,000 for the rights to the two best seats at the team's new Meadowlands stadium. (The bad news: The team only sold off 620 of the 2,000 licenses in the exclusive "Coaches Section" of the stadium.) The losers: Gary Vaynerchuk, the owner of, and restaurateur Drew Nieporent. [NYP, Crain's]

Jets Fans Exploit Their Only Opportunity To View Breasts

Pareene · 11/20/07 01:50PM

It seems that Jets fans might be a bunch of drunk mooks, if this New York Times exposé on the harassment of women at Giants Stadium Gate D is to be believed. At halftime of each of that other New York football team's home game, thousands of men gather along the ramp to shout something the Times refuses to print at any woman who happens to appear in their line of sight. Then those women apparently bare their breasts.

Ad Hoc Altarcations: Don't Mind the Leaking Duffel Bag

Liutrain · 03/25/07 05:13PM

Each Monday, Intern Alexis uses a rigorous scale to rank the happy pair-bonds cemented in the Times wedding announcements. But surely, the Times can't contain all the nuptial bliss to be experienced in the metro area. Ergo, the Post's weddings section, where the couples require a more flexible scale that can take into consideration differences in, say, life experience. And body type.