Extremely Good New York City Real Estate Drama Unfolding in NoHo

Brendan O'Connor · 08/08/16 05:51PM

High-powered New York City real estate developer Aby Rosen has sent his business partner Jared Kushner a pretty rude message. A new billboard at a construction site Rosen owns at 337 Lafayette Street in Manhattan exhorts passersby, in huge white letters, to “Vote Your CONSCIENCE!” On Monday, Rosen posted a photograph of the billboard to Instagram with the caption, “Wake up America.”

Donald Trump Is So Mad Michael Bloomberg Called Him a Con Man

Brendan O'Connor · 07/29/16 08:55AM

Regardless of whatever political good or harm it did, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday appears to have gotten under Republican nominee Donald Trump’s skin. “Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business,” Bloomberg told the DNC. “God help us.” (Folks!) “I’m a New Yorker,” he continued, “and I know a con when I see one.”

New York City's Government Is Falling Apart

Brendan O'Connor · 07/08/16 11:15AM

Over the last six years, according to a new audit from the city comptroller, New York City has missed out on $59.2 million in tax revenue because it forgot to stop giving tax breaks, intended for senior citizen homeowners, to recipients who had died. From the Associated Press:

It Is Frankly Unbelievable That You Ingrates Haven't Thanked the Mayor for Not Being Dead

Brendan O'Connor · 06/06/16 04:15PM

In a meeting last week described by one staffer as “the most depressing pep talk,” Bill de Blasio, New York City’s beleaguered mayor, asked members of his administration to keep the faith amid proliferating controversies. “He told us that no one is going to thank him for ‘not being dead,’” the staffer told Gothamist, “because the homicide rate is down and Vision Zero is working.”

NYPD Protecting New York City’s Most Vulnerable: Tourists

Brendan O'Connor · 05/19/16 12:30PM

On Wednesday, police arrested more than a dozen people who were allegedly selling tourists fake tickets for ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty. The ferries, police said, never actually stopped at the Statue of Liberty, but rather circled New York Harbor before docking again.

How to Kill a Three-Year-Old in NYC Without Getting Arrested

Andy Cush · 05/17/16 03:20PM

Mariam Dansoko, a three-year-old girl, was crossing the street near Yankee Stadium with her mother yesterday when she noticed an approaching car. “Mommy, the car is coming,” she said. By the time her mother turned around, the driver of the oncoming Nissan Altima struck Mariam, giving her injuries that later killed her. The driver was not arrested at the scene and will likely not be charged with a crime.

Here's a Map of the NYC Parks Where You Might Get Narced for Smoking Weed

Andy Cush · 04/20/16 12:20PM

After a false start and a spell of glum weather, New York is finally starting to feel springlike this week—just in time for 4/20. If you’re the type who likes to celebrate the day, and who likes to do it outdoors rather than in the safety of your living room, take heed before you smoke weed.