Canadian Woman Misses Boat by 5 Minutes, Throws Giant Canadian Tantrum

Jay Hathaway · 01/21/15 06:45PM

A woman's New Year's Eve was ruined when she narrowly missed the ferry to Vancouver and couldn't convince the station staff to let her board after the cutoff time. With her boat about to depart without her, she threw a tremendous, last-ditch temper tantrum that has rocked Canada's national sense of politeness and propriety to its core.

Lacey Donohue · 01/01/14 12:53PM

[The ground of New York City's Times Square early New Year's Day was littered with confetti, garbage, and Lord knows what else. In the distance, you can see Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, an exclusive restaurant that sold New Year's Eve party tickets for $679. Photo by Tine Fineberg via AP]

Watch Kathy Griffin Torture Anderson Cooper and Kiss his Crotch

MTanzer · 01/01/13 03:31PM

Kathy Griffin continued her annual New Years Eve tradition of making her CNN cohost Anderson Cooper squirm and giggle in front of the massive crowd in Times Square and the families watching at home. Cooper's coming out this year apparently had no effect on his attitude toward getting felt up by Griffin in public because he was just as red-faced as he was in years past.

The Most Terrifying New Year's Eve Party Invitations You've Sent Us

Mallory Ortberg · 12/30/12 03:03PM

PR email blasts take on a kind of terrifying, poetic majesty at this time of year. Some caps become all caps; "don't-miss" becomes "can't-miss"; I have now read the words "burlesque" and "cabaret" so many times that they have lost all meaning. Everything is burlesque. All things are burlesque. Nothing is burlesque. Endless cabarets. The limit does not exist.

Jessica Biel Reveals the Fraud Behind New Year's Eve on Letterman

Matt Cherette · 12/08/11 04:52AM

Jessica Biel stopped by tonight's Late Show to chat with David Letterman and promote New Year's Eve, rom-com king Garry Marshall's star-studded regurgitation of 2010's inexplicably successful Valentine's Day. At one point, Letterman read Biel a list of about 15 of her A-list co-star to see how many of them she'd actually filmed with—any guesses?

New Year's Eve: Worst Holiday Ever

Richard Lawson · 09/28/11 12:16PM

Here's a new full-length trailer for the upcoming ensemble romcom New Year's Eve, director Garry Marshall's second attempt, after the catastrophe that was Valentine's Day, to tap into Love Actually's sprawling charm. Yuck.

Lady Gaga Will Make New Year's Eve in Times Square Even More Insufferable

Brian Moylan · 09/08/11 12:45PM

As if the throngs of screaming crowds weren't already bad enough in Times Square for New Year's Eve, it was announced today that Lady Gaga will perform at the annual event. Now it's just going to throngs of screeching teenage girls and homosexuals howling into the cold winter air for their idol. That's the last thing the city needs. And she's going to find a way to actually wear the dropping ball, isn't she?

What Celebrity Isn't in New Year's Eve?

Matt Cherette · 07/27/11 02:43AM

Here's the trailer for New Year's Eve, an upcoming ensemble film from rom-com king Garry Marshall. The movie follows several couples (and some poor singles) around New York City on the last day of the year—where they all become intertwined in some way, naturally—and looks to be a carbon copy of Marshall's last movie, Valentine's Day, except in a different city and on a different holiday.