Troll Dad Louis C.K. Wanted to Give His Daughters Nothing for Christmas

Neetzan Zimmerman · 01/07/14 09:29AM

Louis C.K. made his last appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, and gave Jay a proper send-off with some Grade A observations about love, happiness, and his long lost directorial debut that's about to see the light of day for the very first time.

What Time Is New Year's?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/31/13 12:45PM

What time is New Year's? New Year's time, New Year time. When is New Year? Time of next year start. What time is 2014?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/13 01:19PM

Good Idea Alert: Why not have a football bowl game that begins at midnight on New Year's day, just after the ball drops? That way you can turn the game on at your New Year's party.

Party Like It's 1099

Brian Moylan · 12/30/10 05:45PM

A group of men dressed like Vikings lead the torchlight procession that kicks off Edinburgh New Year's celebration. Kind of makes the Times Square ball drop look a little wimpy, no? Image via Getty]

How to Make Every New Year's Resolution Stick for Good

Brian Moylan · 12/29/10 03:45PM

Every January 1, everyone wakes up with the best intentions of improving themselves and living a better life. By March 12, all those ideals are out the window. Not this year! Here's how to make your resolution last all year.

Spectacular Live New Year's Ad From Your Friends at Guinness Brewery

Whitney Jefferson · 01/04/10 02:02PM

Guinness rang in the new year—and their 250th anniversary— by airing this live fireworks display at 17:59 local Ireland time. Why 17:59? History states that Arthur Guinness signed the brewery's 9,000-year-lease on New Years Eve in 1759.

Our Favorite New Year's Moments in Movies

Allison Oldfather · 01/01/10 12:00PM

When the New Year comes, it makes us think about what we can do differently this year. We vow to lose weight, to quit smoking, and to stop watching Intervention and Say Yes To The Dress marathons.

Bitter Newscaster Ruins New Years Countdown

Whitney Jefferson · 12/31/09 12:07PM

We're not sure whether this anchor is the crotchety type or if he just couldn't find a New Year's date. Either way, he rains on everyone's parade while the rest of the newsroom tries to happily ring in 1988.

Things You Never Knew About The New Year's Eve Ball

Whitney Jefferson · 12/31/09 11:02AM

Did you know the New Years ball was just given 300 new Waterford Crystal plates? Or that it stands tall at 400 feet above Times Square? Or how each year has it's own theme? Learn more after the jump.