The Five Types of Posts You Find at Thought Catalog

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/11 01:05PM

Thought Catalog, the of urban 25-year-old creative writing majors (and their spiritual kin) who are incapable of being boring, is redefining the art of blog post writing for a new and vibrant generation. Today's "The Different Types Of People You See At The Gym" is but one example of the fresh, unexplored literary frontiers that they are, you know, exploring. What other types of posts can you find on Thought Catalog?

Third World Is the New First World

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/09 11:37AM

The Way We Live Now: Third-worldin' it, yall! We are the world. We are the USA. We ride on little tap-tap scooters and buy coconut water from street vendors and smoke bootleg cigarettes. We know how you feel, impoverished masses!

Gawker Comments Are Made of Stars

Gabriel Snyder · 07/09/09 11:09AM

The new Gawker commenting system is here. And, if everything works out as planned, it will let us highlight the brilliant, witty and informative comments. Welcome to a new hierarchical era.

Mustaches are Back. Again!

Hamilton Nolan · 01/08/09 01:34PM

Drop your razors, fashionable young men: the New York Times reports that mustaches are back—in style! Somehow this story sounds vaguely... familiar: