Bizzare New Undersea Creatures Are Unlike Anything Else on Earth

Allie Jones · 09/10/14 11:11AM

Marine biologists at the University of Copenhagen and Denmark's Natural History Museum have discovered an entirely new genus, Dendrogramma, of two new species. Dendrogramma is Latin for "baffling," because the species don't fit any existing classification. The little guys live in the deep sea and look like mushrooms.

Four New Tiny Sea Monster Species Found Off Scotland

Sarah Hedgecock · 12/28/13 10:30AM

It's no giant squid, but what the latest discovery in marine biology lacks in excitement for the layperson it makes up for in sheer quantity. Researchers studying the deep waters off the coast of Scotland have discovered four new species. Spoiler alert: they're all pretty slimy.

This Week in Caves

Mallory Ortberg · 12/30/12 01:27PM

It feels so good to bring that headline back again. We have new developments and origin stories; ice-bound catastrophes averted and mysterious crimson disks identified. For all of these stories we have caves to thank (say thank you to the caves. Go on. Say it).

Giant Scary Lizard Is Really Nice

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/10 12:53PM

This giant speckled beady-eyed six-foot reptile from the Philippines has been declared a new species. It "feasts on fruits and snails rather than carcasses." Sure, sure. You can pat it. [AP]