Bob Kerrey Plans His (Eventual) Exit

cityfile · 05/07/09 09:17AM

Remember the angry protest outside the New School a few weeks ago, the one in which students barricaded themselves inside a building and demanded the university's controversial president, Bob Kerrey, resign? Well, they're getting their way! Bob Kerrey will, indeed, be leaving the institution. In, like, two years or so. [NYT]

Not Such a Good Friday Outside the New School

cityfile · 04/10/09 02:11PM

A protest outside the New School turned violent this morning when students seeking the ouster of the university's president, Bob Kerrey, clashed with cops. According to the NYPD, 19 people were arrested in the melee. The department's spokesman, Paul Browne, also said the operation "was done in a very organized, orderly fashion," and the arrests were made in an "orderly fashion," although this video taken by an activist seems to dispute that account. Consider your faith in NYPD flacks shattered! [NYT/City Room]

'Mr. Kerrey Has Retreated into the Swayduck'

Hamilton Nolan · 12/18/08 12:24PM

Throughout the morning we've been receiving URGENT REPORTS of DIRECT ACTION by STUDENT ACTIVISTS at fancy NYC college New School. They've taken over a building! POLICE CLASHES and EXCESSIVE FORCE! Join the struggle:

In Pictures: Long Island Slaver Family On Facebook

Maggie · 12/19/07 09:20AM

The millionaire Long Island couple who were found guilty yesterday on 12 counts of enslaving and abusing their Indonesian help had their mansion confiscated yesterday. One of their twentysomething daughters, a diabetic, fainted in court when the verdict was read aloud; her mother followed suit. From the Facebook page of the couple's oldest child, 23-year-old Parsons grad Pooja, it's hard to tell that anything other than questionable decorating and bad makeup was going on in that house. In 400 candid images, the four Sabhnani kids come off like less-mouthy and more-Indian versions of the Gotti boys. "OMG, i LOVE the gift!! thank you soooooooo much deedz!!!" writes one of Pooja's sisters, both of whom go to Pace, on her page. "Hey! Didn't see you today :( and now i'm working at Borders tonight yet again - so try to come over tomorrow or else i'll just see you next weekend!" is how a wall post from a friend goes. Who knew slave owners also tended toward abuse of the exclamation point? More pictures after the jump.

Choire · 10/24/07 11:45AM

Bob Kerrey, the former fitness center operator and former Debra Winger dater and SEAL team leader of the murderous 1969 raid on Thanh Phong, will stay on as president of the New School and not run for Nebraska Senator. [City Room]