Iowa: Where Everybody Loses Their Shit

Joshua Stein · 01/04/08 01:38AM

Iowa has never been this crowded, ever. The influx of political reporters, presidential supporters and caucus courters has created a scrum of smelly hacks, sweaty backs and winning blacks. New York magazine was so deep in that scrum, they couldn't see very well and wrote a bunch of highly-entertaining profoundly blind items. The only thing unequivocal sentence came from an anonymous reporter: "Everybody is just losing their shit." As Tolstoy says, every insane loses their shit in their own way. Who for instance, is the "major photographer [who] had a public meltdown in front of dozens of other reporters in a hotel lobby? The snapper berated a bellboy so aggressively that fellow media members fled the scene." More blind items after the jump. Send correct answers to and be rewarded with nothing!