The Jersey Devil Is Real

Ashley Feinberg · 10/12/15 05:06PM

In the rich and vibrant folklore of the storied lands of South Jersey, the most fascinating creature of all is the fabled Jersey Devil. Now, thanks to a citizen journalist in correspondence with (motto: “True Jersey”), the mystery is solved. At long last, we have proof: The Jersey Devil is real.

Brendan O'Connor · 10/03/15 03:00PM

“Rosy forecasts for American Dream also fly in the face of predictions that, ultimately, Internet shopping will all but eliminate brick-and-mortar shopping.” Just like The Great Gatsby!

Deal: An American Story

Nyle Fort · 09/26/15 12:30PM

He stared at me like he knew me. Like, if we lived in the same hood, we would kick it. We probably would. Hennessy is my favorite drink, too.