Hedge Funds Lose Again 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/03/16 03:38PM

The realization that the retirement money of middle-class workers should not be invested in crazy expensive hedge funds is now hardening into conventional wisdom.

Chris Christie's Lawyers Hid One of His Personal Email Accounts from the Feds

Brendan O'Connor · 06/29/16 03:13PM

For two-and-a-half years, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has maintained that he provided federal investigators looking into the 2013 George Washington lane closures with complete access to both his personal and government email accounts. According to WNYC, however, new court filings show that this was not actually the case, supporting earlier allegations from two defendants indicted in the scheme that Christie’s lawyers destroyed and withheld evidence.

What Gave Him Away?

Jordan Sargent · 05/16/16 12:50PM

Yesterday afternoon, police officers in New Jersey were combing the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area in the eastern part of the state when they came upon an abandoned car. After searching the area, they arrested two men in combat gear who were in possession of various weapons, including high-powered automatic rifles.

Donald Trump Continues to Humiliate Chris Christie at Every Turn

Brendan O'Connor · 03/14/16 07:36PM

In an appearance Monday at Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport in Vienna, Ohio, Donald Trump, in the course of criticizing John Kasich for abandoning his duties as governor in order to campaign for president also took a swipe at his friend and hostage Chris Christie for the very same thing.