Surviving Brother in Brutal Church Beating Admits to Molesting Half-Sister's Children

Brendan O'Connor · 06/27/16 01:55PM

The murder trial of Sarah Ferguson began in Utica, New York, last week. Ferguson is accused of participating in a group counseling session at the Word of Life Church that left her 19-year-old half-brother Lucas Leonard dead and her other half-brother, Christopher, mutilated. Prosecutors said the beatings began when Tiffanie Irwin, the church pastor, allegedly accused the boys of using witchcraft, making a voodoo doll of the pastor, and sexually abusing their siblings and nieces.

Everybody's Dressed Like Lauren Conrad!

Richard Lawson · 04/03/08 04:27PM

Hey who wants to go to New Haven?? We just got an invitation (sort of) from Yale Law School to attend an event of great historical import. Some crazy kids are trying to set the world record for the most people in one place who are all dressed like The Hills star, Lauren Conrad. It's next friday, 10pm at Yale. (Again, in Poo Haven.) Someone go! Someone go! They're providing eyeliner! (Click through for larger invite image)