This Man's Gaze Is Harmful to Pregnant Women

Caity Weaver · 06/26/14 08:00AM

"My mom's cat was dying," a woman in a white blouse dotted with holographic silver sequins explains. ("I live in a community of healers," she told me earlier, in the same breezy, dismissive manner one might use to say in Queens.) "Couldn't eat. Had lost half her fur. And he saved her life."

'Spiritual Warrior' Found Guilty in Sweat Lodge Deaths

Jeff Neumann · 06/23/11 04:16AM

New age "guru" and friend of Oprah, James A. Ray — who charged people $10,000 to enter his Arizona sweat lodge of death, resulting in the deaths of three people in 2009 — was found guilty of negligent homicide yesterday.

What the Hell Is 'Rolfing?'

Adrian Chen · 10/06/10 07:06PM

We always thought 'rolfing' was what you did after doing four tequila shots in a Daytona Beach sports bar. Turns out it's a violent and painful, New Age-y massage technique. And it's having a moment. Let's all get rolfed!

Oprah Guru to Dying Sweat Lodge Victims: 'It's a Good Day to Die'

Maureen O'Connor · 12/30/09 04:43AM

Before three people died in his sweat lodge of horror, James Arthur Ray told them to "surrender to death to survive it." The police report is out, and it's thirty-three pages of insanity, chronicling Ray's sordid career and stanky retreat.