Maybe You Guys Should Delete This Tweet (UPDATE: They Deleted the Tweet)

Andy Cush · 07/08/16 03:23PM

Hours after the Dallas Police Department sparked a manhunt for Mark Hughes, a protester who was carrying a licensed and unloaded rifle at yesterday’s march through downtown where five officers were killed, a tweet urging followers to “help us find him!” is still online. Hughes was not in fact involved with the shooting, and his attorney said that he’s received “thousands” of death threats after being misidentified.

Tinder to Vanity Fair: Fuck You, North Koreans Love Us

Ashley Feinberg · 08/11/15 10:30PM

For about an hour this evening, a scorned sex app went on a series of 140-character tirades, teaching all of us two very important things: 1) Tinder, just like us, cannot handle rejection. And 2) the monster running its Twitter account has no idea what North Korea is.