Rudy Giuliani Forgets About 9/11

Pareene · 01/08/10 10:42AM

You can watch the entire miserable segment here, if you are in too good a mood this morning! George just lets Rudy babble on and on and on, without bothering to correct or challenge him, on anything. Like, for example, in addition to 9/11, some other guy did the exact same thing as this underwear bomber did, in December of 2001, only with a shoe, instead of underwear. And everyone knows and remembers this. George remembers this! But why bother to bring it up?

2009: An Autotuned Retrospective

Mike Byhoff · 12/08/09 05:39PM

2009 will be remembered for a lot of things. Those things will probably be remembered better if we mash 'em up and autotune them.

Happy First Post-9/11 9/11!

Pareene · 09/11/09 10:23AM

On this day eight years ago, four commercial airplanes were hijacked and crashed into buildings and a field. Thousands died. This is the first anniversary of that terrible day, though, that the Terrorists will not still be winning.