There Is No Stopping Olivia Munn

Richard Lawson · 08/31/11 05:15PM

Though some have tried to stop her, the lady isn't budging. She's gonna keep on going. Also today: Bravo makes a bad decision relating to Real Housewives, and Mike Tyson finally gets someone to pay attention to him.

Scream 4: If the Killer Doesn't Get You, the References Will

Richard Lawson · 01/17/11 04:44PM

Here's a new full-length trailer for Scream 4, the somewhat gratuitously unnecessary fourquel (retch) in the reference-heavy horror series. The surviving originals are all back, plus a cast of youngs and a whole new set of scary movies to ape.

Scream 4: The Scariest Thing Is How Old We All Are

Richard Lawson · 10/21/10 11:41AM

Here's a teaser trailer for Scream 4, a continuation of the slasher saga that began fourteen long years ago. We're back in Woodsboro and, in addition to the surviving regulars, we're saddled with a whole new cast of youngsters.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/02/09 06:38AM

It's been a tough year for Annie Leibovitz, but maybe she can start fresh from here on out? The financially challenged photographer turns 60 today. Others celebrating: designer Donna Karan is turning 61. Kelly Ripa turns 39. Lorraine Bracco is 55. Sting is 58. Actress Camilla Belle is turning 23. '80s pop star Tiffany is 37. And two of Hugh Hefner's latest girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, are turning 20. A roundup of a few people celebrating birthdays this weekend—including Al Sharpton and Liev Schreiber—is below.

Every Movie That's Old Is New Again

Richard Lawson · 03/13/09 09:25AM

A cable nymph moves to the big screen, every movie ever is remade by the same guy, Dawson Leery rages against a storm like a be-bouffanted King Lear, and executive wife swapping.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/03/08 06:14AM

Lyor Cohen and Al Sharpton are both celebrating today: The Warner Music chief (and boyfriend of Tory Burch) turns 49; the rabble-rousing clergyman is 54. Others marking the special occasion: socialite Alexis Bryan is 32. Clive Owen is 44. Jake Shears is 30. Gwen Stefani is 39. Ashlee Simpson is 24. Composer Steve Reich is 72. Tommy Lee is 46. Neve Campbell is 35. Actor Sean William Scott is 32. And the notoriously precise Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley is 53. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

One More Thing

ian spiegelman · 04/26/08 04:19PM

A young Neve Campbell, as a Catholic high school girl, on The Kids in the Hall. And feel free to post your fave KITH sketches in the comments.

Are Salman And Padma Back On?

Emily Gould · 05/02/07 09:20AM
  • Salman Rushdie was spotted patting Padma Lakshmi's rump at the PEN gala on Monday. Perhaps Diane von F. declared their overness too soon. [R&M, last item]

Gawker stalker

Gawker · 04/23/03 12:06PM

· "I was having dinner last night (Tuesday, 22nd) for my friend's birthday at Il Buco and Edward Norton (sans Salma) was having dinner with a group of 5 at another table. His hair has gotten longer, I don't think he's had it cut since the Oscars..."
· "Saturday night. Hammerstein Ballroom at The White Stripes concert. John McEnroe standing at the souvenir table with some young looking woman asking if there was a White Stripes women's baby tee available. Very odd."
· "4/23 - Stephen Merrit in West Chelsea, scowling."
· "4/15 - Cynthia Rowley with cute, but incontinent,
daughter in West Chelsea."
· "Uma [Thurman] was sitting on a bench in Union Square yesterday. I guess she was with Ethan (or some other scruffy mook) and looked glow-in-the-dark amazing, even wearing a cranky puss and an ugly-ass hat. So beautiful you didn't even bother looking at the scruffy guy. And I don't even like the ladies!"
· "jeff goldblum at "the play what i wrote" — he's in great shape, with a not-so-hot chick, and even though i acted like a freak he was really nice to me."
· "winona ryder at the white stripes show, looking tired but with a big group of friends. and she has amazing skin."
· "Bo Derek alone & dressed in all black & shorter than expected on corner of 66th & Broadway getting in a cab on 4/22 at 12:30pm"
· "Guy Ritchie walking on Broadway between 64th & 65th on 4/21 at 4:00pm."
· "Michael Moore eating outside at Fiorello's on Broadway at 3:45 on 4/21."